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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episode 1


English title: On Your Mark, Get Set, DUEL!
Japanese title: Unkown
Air date: Unkown

This series is a newly original animation that is going to form new a Yu-Gi-Oh history. The story starts in Domino City many years after the legend of Yugi Mutou and other people. It`s an adventure in such a developed world and involves evolved duel disks. The main feature of Yu-Gi-Oh 5D`s is at the theme of animation, the future world of Domino City. It`s such a modern town with high-tech residents, skyscrapers, stadiums, and even dueling system. This city is called Neo Domino City. Riding Duel is a new duel system introduced in this series. It is a speed duel applying the latest high-tech motorcycle duel disks called D Wheel. The duelists are competing in Riding Duel that still focuses on card game with new master rules. [MAL]

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VIP Download Premium VIP Download - Yu-Gi-Oh__5D_s_003.rmvb 72Mb Crazykid3333 - Yu-Gi-Oh__5D_s_002.rmvb 73Mb Crazykid3333 - Yu-Gi-Oh__5D_s_001.rmvb 67Mb Crazykid3333 - Yu-Gi-Oh__5D_s_-_001.rm 76Mb liebie - ? HybridDragoness - ? OZZ-Anime - ? zothug - ? coordinator13 - ? [LT]XANDER - ? kaido - ? rokk_cm

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  • #1 - posted by Black_Gaara on 09.12.08 @ 11:06PM
    Great Movie and Great Link, the files is good quality
  • #2 - posted by Seelentau on 01.18.09 @ 8:17PM
    can any1 add the episode in .avi?
  • #3 - posted by lai_nosferatu on 02.11.09 @ 11:51PM
    yeah in avi pls
  • #4 - posted by Lord ra 9 on 06.14.09 @ 12:31PM
    [LT]XANDER is an avi file.
  • #5 - posted by dzikridragoon on 07.28.09 @ 3:56AM
    more in rapid plis.....
  • #6 - posted by lip on 08.02.09 @ 3:07AM
    u gots go convert...wats so hard in that?
  • #7 - posted by lip on 08.02.09 @ 3:11AM
    i mean " u guys go convert....wats so hard in that?"
  • #8 - posted by Patrick2000 on 09.11.09 @ 9:02AM
    thats is the best cartoon i have watched so far any one with me will say the same thing.
  • #9 - posted by icedeath on 06.23.10 @ 12:32AM
    i ll try it but bleach is somthing else.
  • #10 - posted by MagusGuardian on 01.22.11 @ 9:06PM
    which links are of the original japanese dub and not of the horrible 4kids dub

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