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InuYasha episode 116


English title: The Exposed Face of Truth
Japanese title: Unkown
Air date: Unkown

Kagome Higurashi is a 15-year-old girl living at a modern Japanese Shrine. When she falls into the abandoned well on her property she gets transported back in time 500 years into Feudal Japan! There she meets a dog demon half breed named Inuyasha who wants to become all demon with the Scared Jewel Kagome has. Now, after breaking the jewel, she must travel with the half demon to recollect all the pieces and make the jewel whole again. But there is so much more to this journey than meets the eye...

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  • #1 - posted by Romel on 08.26.09 @ 7:50PM
    umm the megaupload link by juniper it isn't inuyasha 116 it looks like some series of star trek or sumtin doan know wa it is I couldn't bear to watch it knowing it isn't wat i was looking for sigh....

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