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Death Note episode 38


English title: Death Note Special
Japanese title: Unkown
Air date: 28 August 2007

The world is rotting...The gods of death themselves have no further purpose, and have become mere shadows of their former selves. Humans have become even more wicked, crime sky-rocketing with every new venue opened....Both worlds are slowly decaying, toying with the human race for both enjoyment and fear for one's own death. But when one Shinigami decides to end his boredom once and for all, humanity is dealt it's greatest threat. The Death Note: a notebook shinigami's use to specify the deaths and their causes of human beings (outside natural causes), falls into human hands. Light Yagami's hands to be exact. Tired of watching humans hurt each other for their own selfish gain, he decides to become the enforcer of justice in the new age. The age of LIGHT! Will he truly become a god among men, or will Ryuk, the former owner of Light's Death Note, be his own undoing?

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  • #1 - posted by observer on 08.15.08 @ 5:10AM
    rapidshare link??? (sad).. already out?
  • #2 - posted by AnimeAKO on 09.21.08 @ 11:59AM
    Cant dw this? :(
  • #3 - posted by XebTard on 02.19.09 @ 8:25AM
    mega upload link please?
  • #4 - posted by alychou on 07.22.09 @ 4:11PM
    omg wtf cant anyone make it just like somehting totally diff not like in parts?!?!?! GOD
  • #5 - posted by 081548046 on 07.27.09 @ 2:42PM
  • #6 - posted by Tomislav88 on 09.10.09 @ 5:26AM
    yeah that is tottaly lame , i need to spend half of day to download all , because i dont want to pay at Rapishare, free downloading take time . So pls someone pose megashare , complete video link
  • #7 - posted by tubabu on 04.26.10 @ 3:41PM
    This sux... big time..
  • #8 - posted by Munirah on 06.09.10 @ 5:57PM
    why for avi video is not here? huhu..i can't get the 38 episode for this time... how can i do? somebody help me!!!

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