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Death Note episode 1


English title: Rebirth
Japanese title: Unkown
Air date: 2 October 2006

The world is rotting...The gods of death themselves have no further purpose, and have become mere shadows of their former selves. Humans have become even more wicked, crime sky-rocketing with every new venue opened....Both worlds are slowly decaying, toying with the human race for both enjoyment and fear for one's own death. But when one Shinigami decides to end his boredom once and for all, humanity is dealt it's greatest threat. The Death Note: a notebook shinigami's use to specify the deaths and their causes of human beings (outside natural causes), falls into human hands. Light Yagami's hands to be exact. Tired of watching humans hurt each other for their own selfish gain, he decides to become the enforcer of justice in the new age. The age of LIGHT! Will he truly become a god among men, or will Ryuk, the former owner of Light's Death Note, be his own undoing?

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  • #1 - posted by karstar_0208 on 10.12.08 @ 1:54AM
    hello.....can we have the best link for download,......????
  • #2 - posted by devilboom on 11.26.08 @ 2:34AM
    good quality Eng Sub
  • #3 - posted by bajukudulu on 11.28.08 @ 10:28AM
  • #4 - posted by gilly-beans on 02.02.09 @ 10:43AM
  • #5 - posted by shashaank on 02.10.09 @ 3:07AM
    for my link, you can use jDownloader, as it would be very hectic otherwise to download so many splits. Each episode has about 37 5mbsplits
  • #6 - posted by orphanedhanyou on 03.26.09 @ 9:14PM
    are there any English Dub episodes? i've already seen the original and now i want to hear the English. thanks!
  • #7 - posted by matttienkai on 03.30.09 @ 5:52PM
    easy share! yes!
  • #8 - posted by apocalyptic76 on 05.01.09 @ 3:51AM
    how do i download this ish....
  • #9 - posted by dancefloorattack on 09.09.09 @ 5:58PM
    I'm curious. Which one is the best one to download???
  • #10 - posted by strawberrysunday on 11.29.09 @ 6:52PM
    Best Quality? :: Subs - [TSR] :: Quality - [DVD] :: JapAudio EngSubs
  • #11 - posted by adikforanime on 04.15.10 @ 3:18AM
    i like t yeah :)
  • #12 - posted by razorcoatedcandy on 08.05.10 @ 2:58PM
    holy sh*t!!!! this is so freaking gooood!!! i actually wanted to read the manga first but it got licenced so no luck there but the anime so far is great!!!!
  • #13 - posted by kurttran64 on 10.04.10 @ 11:30AM
    i love this show!
  • #14 - posted by chomio on 12.28.10 @ 6:36AM
    I've posted the openings and endings seperatly.
  • #15 - posted by yanzahs on 01.15.11 @ 7:20PM
    i dont know how to download this thing? anyway, how?
  • #16 - posted by takada on 02.06.12 @ 4:45PM
    I Love Death Note a Lot Its my Favorite Anime In The World

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