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Death Note episode 37


English title: New World
Japanese title: Unkown
Air date: Unkown

The world is rotting...The gods of death themselves have no further purpose, and have become mere shadows of their former selves. Humans have become even more wicked, crime sky-rocketing with every new venue opened....Both worlds are slowly decaying, toying with the human race for both enjoyment and fear for one's own death. But when one Shinigami decides to end his boredom once and for all, humanity is dealt it's greatest threat. The Death Note: a notebook shinigami's use to specify the deaths and their causes of human beings (outside natural causes), falls into human hands. Light Yagami's hands to be exact. Tired of watching humans hurt each other for their own selfish gain, he decides to become the enforcer of justice in the new age. The age of LIGHT! Will he truly become a god among men, or will Ryuk, the former owner of Light's Death Note, be his own undoing?

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  • #1 - posted by CRAZEH247 on 08.11.08 @ 2:15PM
    thats bull crap.... i really feel like crying... tears are already coming into my eyes... why did they have to end it that way... i mean seriously (READ NO FURTHER UNLESS YOU WANT TO SPOIL YOUR SHOW)... how could they just kill him off... i mean matsuda was the one... i hate you Matsuda... i hate Near and Mello... and everyone else who goes against KIRA... end of... the rotten should die...
  • #2 - posted by CRAZEH247 on 08.11.08 @ 2:18PM
    you people must think im a wierdo of some type... im not... i just think all the d**kheads should die... and seriously??? matsuda... what the helll? matsuda shot him?... not even once... but fricking several times...!!! but its still the best anime ive seen till now... and im a man... and im being serious about this nearly making me cry... i literally has tears in my eyes when they killed off my favourite anime character... and the only other time i cried was when i watched THE LION KING... now im soon gonna watch the DEATH NOTE special... cant wait for it...
  • #3 - posted by Mkira on 09.16.08 @ 2:54PM
    Obsession is a sin, craziness is a genetic deformity. Both the sinful and post-evelutionary deformed must be eliminated in order to form a perfect world. -Mkira
  • #4 - posted by _kenny on 11.17.08 @ 2:07AM
    I thought-- honestly thought Light was gonna die, and everyone (most) who got involved with the note. Like said in some episode, cant remember... Ryuk said, (paraphrasing) "Everyone who touches the note becomes miserable," which was so true.
  • #5 - posted by Ichiruki on 12.30.08 @ 2:54PM
    before light died i thought he might acually win but i guess not! Ryuk did tell him that he would die by his hand..... L ROCKS!!!! to bad he died... i dontreally like light he is to evil and was very mean to misa.... and she luved him!he is mean and i luv matsuda but this is my favorite ep in death note! even though i am a bleach person(the anime)
  • #6 - posted by Aaqil on 06.22.09 @ 11:15PM
    owaaaaaaan :(
  • #7 - posted by GothicRootje on 11.08.09 @ 5:15AM
  • #8 - posted by djozif07 on 11.28.09 @ 3:08AM
    I don't know what to say...this is a great anime but the end........ eeehhh.
  • #9 - posted by djozif07 on 11.28.09 @ 3:12AM
    yes.i remember...please please can you tell me about the name of your photo -kenny..please...i am whaiting
  • #10 - posted by tubabu on 04.23.10 @ 4:13PM
    I thought that it ended to most reasonable way... yes, it was sad but it was still a cool ending. :)
  • #11 - posted by Ichigo0Soul on 07.26.10 @ 2:38PM
    I'm actually kinda irritated that it ended when it did. 37 episodes isn't long enough for 2 seasons, in my opinion.
  • #12 - posted by Ichigo0Soul on 07.26.10 @ 2:41PM
    I'm actually kinda irritated that it ended when it did. 37 episodes isn't long enough for 2 seasons, in my opinion.
  • #13 - posted by LGEE on 02.28.11 @ 2:44PM
    what happen to happy endings
  • #14 - posted by prajjwal_alvin on 07.20.11 @ 2:57PM
    how to download?? every link i click on is not available!!! wat the fuck mayn!!! This sucks :(

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