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Alternative title(s): ????
Released in: 2001
Genre(s): Comedy, Slice of Life
Status: Completed

Afro Ken (????) is a Japanese character created by the San-X company, which creates other anime-style characters such as Kogepan. He is a dog with a rainbow-coloured afro. He is innocent and blameless and always in a good mood. Afro Ken is always willing to try new things. Afro Ken is attracted to objects that look like he does. His hair changes to look like these things as he gets close to them.

There is an Afro Ken Family Tree with other dog characters who have outrageous names, such as Techno Ken, Funky Ken, Lord Ken, Super Afro Ken, and Normal Ken. Unlike the others, Normal Ken does not have wild hair.

In 2001, Bandai Visual and Sunrise produced a 3DCG OVA adaptation based on the character. The OVA was also broadcast worldwide by the anime satellite television network Animax.

(taken from Wikipedia)

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