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Bleach episode 196


English title: "Strongest Shinigami"
Japanese title: Unkown
Air date: 24 November 2008

Kenpachi's arrival!

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  • #1 - posted by inichigo on 11.20.08 @ 12:29PM
    Oooo man i am going nuts !!!!!!!!!!! When will this episode come out ??????? Tell Me PLEASE . by the way I knew it that in the end zaraki kenpachi will show up :D !!!!!!
  • #2 - posted by suzi on 11.20.08 @ 1:00PM
    ya it was a hell of an episode .. haha ya me 2 i knew that they will appear .... AWESOME MAN ... plzzzzzz any1 tel me wen this damn episode guna come out :D:D:D
  • #3 - posted by suzi on 11.20.08 @ 1:12PM
    i jus found out that it will air on 25th of november
  • #4 - posted by inichigo on 11.21.08 @ 3:11AM
    o yeah , rock on !!!! :P I can't wait. Thanks for the info :)
  • #5 - posted by fallenskybd on 11.23.08 @ 12:34PM
    I also thought of that Kenpachi would show up... as like Byakuya for rukia... but still it would be far better if ichigo's father showed up to rescue him... that would make him proud of him... or is he waiting for the final showdown...
  • #6 - posted by inichigo on 11.23.08 @ 2:55PM
    Can't wait only few more hours . i hope it will be posted in the morning i want to watch it before i go to school :D
  • #7 - posted by inichigo on 11.24.08 @ 4:04PM
    I am going to sleep now when i wake up in the morning i want to see download links :D . :P just kidding but it would be nice
  • #8 - posted by astronaveen on 11.24.08 @ 4:54PM
    damn..!!! why are the links not there yet.. just wat time exactly does it come out... in which site does it come first..?
  • #9 - posted by astronaveen on 11.24.08 @ 4:58PM
    ho cummon i need to get it before 8.00 the free download time ends by 8.00.. this is really pizzing me to no end..y so late only 2day..
  • #10 - posted by joe86 on 11.24.08 @ 5:43PM
    I LIKE........
  • #11 - posted by Colderan on 11.25.08 @ 6:14AM
    Check the dates in the Wiki article. The next 2 episodes will air in December.
  • #12 - posted by suzi on 11.25.08 @ 6:48AM
    wtf .... wer the hel is the link ??!!!
  • #13 - posted by frodo19 on 11.25.08 @ 9:38AM
    why did nel disappeared out of a sudden..its like now u see u dont.. what is that.. and all of a sudden the no 5 espada like forgot of nel? and dont want to destroy her?.. what continuity is that?
  • #14 - posted by astronaveen on 11.25.08 @ 12:55PM
    hey RAW of ep196 has come out long will it take to sub it...
  • #15 - posted by akakori on 11.25.08 @ 5:32PM
    er i am downloading the avi from torrent right now.. so i ma convert it to rmvb and upload it in a giffy.. might take an hr or so depending on how fast the torrent is
  • #16 - posted by Behnkilnahm on 11.25.08 @ 6:13PM
    I'm uploading the 170 MB Avi right now to Rapidshare, adding it in around 30m ;)
  • #17 - posted by rmvb on 11.25.08 @ 6:20PM
    Iam downloading now & my speed torrent very slow please be patient i will uploading in mp4 format
  • #18 - posted by sugoiningen on 11.25.08 @ 6:47PM
    I always wanted to see the sparks fly between kenpachi and the espada. FINALLY! Someone is listening!!!!
  • #19 - posted by astronaveen on 11.25.08 @ 7:37PM
    can someone plzzzz put up the rmvb or mp4 file.. i cant take it anymore
  • #20 - posted by Fez on 11.25.08 @ 8:18PM
    Thx for Links, Wayy to many Comments, People that Ask "when is this episode gonna come out" Obviously evry Tuesday the Raw Comes out, and it takes about a day to Sub it ( If u liv in aus thats the method i use for waiting for new eps), God doesnt take much of a brain to work it out that EACH week, on tuesday, a new ep comes out
  • #21 - posted by astronaveen on 11.25.08 @ 10:37PM
    ^ alrite right wise guy..ill tell u wat... its takin way too long today...
  • #22 - posted by Darek on 11.25.08 @ 11:23PM
    RealityLapse seems to have it early this time round. Check them out.
  • #23 - posted by suzi on 11.26.08 @ 3:31AM
    plz post from megaupload i cant download 4m rapid share it suxxxx
  • #24 - posted by tkf on 11.27.08 @ 12:50AM
    can someone please upload the episode in depositfiles or ziddu using mkv format. TQ

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