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Bleach episode 204


English title: Ichigo's Stomach-cutting Persuasion Strategy
Japanese title: Unkown
Air date: 26 January 2009

Kurosaki Ichigo is a 15 year old boy that has an ability to see ghosts/spirits. Because of his ability, he is able to meet a female death god (a.k.a Shinigami) named Kuchiki Rukia. To save his family and friends from unwanted soul-eating spirits (Hollows), Rukia transfers her Shinigami powers to Ichigo. As Rukia takes on a human shell, together they solve mysteries involving spirits and hollows until from the spirit world comes 2 other shinigamis explaining that it is illegal to transfer Shinigami powers to humans and Rukia exceeded the time limit to stay in the human world. After they sentence her death for breaking the laws, Ichigo snaps and swears to everyone he will retrieve Rukia by breaking into the spirit world. [ANN]

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  • #1 - posted by bilembi on 01.20.09 @ 10:56PM
    what the hell is this title supposed to mean is this filler??
  • #2 - posted by 2426me on 01.21.09 @ 10:29PM
    yeah .. looking at the ending of last episode it seems again those bloody fillers are going to start.. damn
  • #3 - posted by xavier016 on 01.22.09 @ 1:53AM
    There is a mistake for every titles in animea. So maybe this one not the right title.
  • #4 - posted by The_Flash on 01.22.09 @ 11:07AM
    This one is correct actually: "Ichigo no seppuku settoku sakusen" Ichigo's persuation strategy"
  • #5 - posted by DDdreamer on 01.24.09 @ 4:00PM
    Its not filler, its just a flashback. No need to worry!
  • #6 - posted by bilembi on 01.26.09 @ 10:09AM
    it filler dddreamer filler f*in filler why why why
  • #7 - posted by xavier016 on 01.27.09 @ 2:26AM
    Hehehe. Tomorrow is the day then. These damn fillers really spoil the fun.
  • #8 - posted by Q8iEnG on 01.27.09 @ 3:12AM
    [quote]Hehehe. Tomorrow is the day then. These damn fillers really spoil the fun.[/quote] LOL yeah XD Indeed
  • #9 - posted by Fez on 01.27.09 @ 4:37AM
    If its a Flashback Episode, I'm gonna shoot somone, Flashback eps are Fillers, Just like that ep when the Plot started after the captian filler arc, a whole damn ep of Flashbacks with like 30 seconds of new footage, F#cken lazy Pr$cks
  • #10 - posted by amorbhis on 01.27.09 @ 10:02AM
    Well atleast if they make fillers, make good ones. the bount arc was plain boring.
  • #11 - posted by angstrom on 01.27.09 @ 5:53PM
    i think this filler is a good one... it is a flashback on how the vizard obtain their power...
  • #12 - posted by kazere on 01.27.09 @ 6:09PM
    i haven't seen it yet but if its how the visards get their power its not really filler, It's the Turn Back the Pendulum arc from the mangas.
  • #13 - posted by angstrom on 01.27.09 @ 6:27PM
    sorry...this isn't about the vizard..another boring fillers with that katsumi ooji girl...
  • #14 - posted by kazere on 01.27.09 @ 6:39PM
    yeah i noticed that angstrom. the only thing we have going for us now is that the intro didn't change, that makes me think its only a few episodes. not 30 like the amagi arc.
  • #15 - posted by angstrom on 01.27.09 @ 6:43PM
    yeah....i think so.. probably just a short filler like when karin play football with hitsugaya...
  • #16 - posted by userinit69 on 01.27.09 @ 7:19PM
    hey guyz.. this filler is about the girl in the amagai arc.. but dont you worry.. i heard there are only 2 eps of these fillers. Like amstrong mentioned, the process how the vizards got their hollow powers is i guessed discussed in the so called "Turn Back The Pendulum" mini series that will be next after the 2 episode fillers. its really interesting so i think its not bad to wait.. :)
  • #17 - posted by userinit69 on 01.27.09 @ 7:21PM
    but.. seriously... cant wait for the Turn Back The Pendulum to be aired in anime... cant wait to see Shinji with haori!!!
  • #18 - posted by angstrom on 01.27.09 @ 7:28PM
    i cant wait for it too... hiyori is actually urahara's fukutaichou? wow...
  • #19 - posted by userinit69 on 01.27.09 @ 11:51PM
    hey guyz.. check out the file i uploaded. its in rmvb format.. enjoy..
  • #20 - posted by Q8iEnG on 01.28.09 @ 2:21AM
    Thanks a lot ssj7 XD
  • #21 - posted by Q8iEnG on 01.28.09 @ 4:13AM
    Stupid filler :(
  • #22 - posted by ahaa on 01.28.09 @ 10:50AM
    why its always on rapidshare its the worst please use some other sites like megaupload or mediafire
  • #23 - posted by ichimarugin on 01.29.09 @ 12:08AM
    it says the requested file is deleted on easyshare could anyone upload another easyshare link??
  • #24 - posted by PaulS on 01.30.09 @ 7:40PM
    i ask that you use random hosts so i can get more download (limitation on some host)

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