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Bleach episode 271


English title: Ichigo Dies! Orihime, the Cry of Sorrow!
Japanese title: ??????????????(Ichigo shisu! Orihime, hits? no sakebi!)
Air date: 17 May 2010

Kurosaki Ichigo is a 15 year old boy that has an ability to see ghosts/spirits. Because of his ability, he is able to meet a female death god (a.k.a Shinigami) named Kuchiki Rukia. To save his family and friends from unwanted soul-eating spirits (Hollows), Rukia transfers her Shinigami powers to Ichigo. As Rukia takes on a human shell, together they solve mysteries involving spirits and hollows until from the spirit world comes 2 other shinigamis explaining that it is illegal to transfer Shinigami powers to humans and Rukia exceeded the time limit to stay in the human world. After they sentence her death for breaking the laws, Ichigo snaps and swears to everyone he will retrieve Rukia by breaking into the spirit world. [ANN]

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  • #1 - posted by deathnote91 on 05.04.10 @ 6:15PM
    #1 :P
  • #2 - posted by Garvint123 on 05.05.10 @ 12:39AM
  • #3 - posted by icedeath on 05.05.10 @ 2:08AM
  • #4 - posted by Osiruz on 05.05.10 @ 7:17AM
  • #5 - posted by 99tails on 05.06.10 @ 12:42PM
    5th again ;p
  • #6 - posted by pili on 05.11.10 @ 1:39AM
  • #7 - posted by Acitone on 05.11.10 @ 5:51PM
    6th :) Wow I can't believe the "Conclusion" of this battle is next week. Will be awesome then.
  • #8 - posted by Fez on 05.11.10 @ 10:47PM
    7th, And 7 is the most powerful Magic Number. I guess i win then Lol
  • #9 - posted by Sessh on 05.12.10 @ 10:08PM
    I've been watching this with a buddy of mine and just got into the canon stuff with Ulqiorra and they cut so much out of the manga it's ridiculous. The battles between the soul reapers and the arrancars and their fraccion were mostly cut out, or at least the beginning. The battle with that huge monster created by Tia's fraccion was a battle that spanned like three chapters and there was some other stuff they summarized as well, so probably like five chapters were just skipped over right off the bat. When Yamamoto showed up and put a hole in it's shoulder to stop it, it was because there was no one left to fight it. Rangiku fought all three of Tia's fraccion by herself and succeeded in wearing them down enough to make them desperate enough to sacrafice their left arm's to create the monster that severely wounded Rangiku and Momo, who showed up to help Rangiku eventually. Rangiku was being healed by Kira in a barrier and the monster was coming right at them. This is when Yamamoto showed up to save their lives hence him saying everyone should be ashamed for forcing him onto the front lines. Even Komamura's bankai was defeated by this thing. So much left out. There was also a lot of character development especially between Starrk and Shunsui. Both would rather goof off than fight and even pondered pretending to fight instead, but it wasn't included. The scenes with Ukitake and the girl that was with Starrk were also quite amusing. Anyways, I hope this won't be a recurring thing. I sure am glad I read the manga for these parts first or I would have never known. Truly one of the better parts of these events were cut and I can only think it's because they are getting tired of making these things. They literally cut out some of the best stuff. Disappointing. The manga seems like it's coming to an end, but who knows?
  • #10 - posted by Death_Blade_bankia on 05.13.10 @ 5:11PM
    This is going to be EPIC!!!! x1000000
  • #11 - posted by krrishh_raj on 05.14.10 @ 1:35AM
    #8 he he...
  • #12 - posted by deathnote91 on 05.16.10 @ 2:40AM
    BorinG BorinG BorinG...............
  • #13 - posted by 99tails on 05.16.10 @ 6:21AM
    this is a lonh speech Sessh my eyes hurt but u ar right's disappointing...naruto is moving up nd bleach is moving down :( but hwo knows?
  • #14 - posted by trilogyx on 05.17.10 @ 9:11AM
    Relax Dude..10#..
  • #15 - posted by trilogyx on 05.17.10 @ 9:12AM
    Relax Dude..10#..
  • #16 - posted by trilogyx on 05.17.10 @ 9:18AM
    ops..sry Double post..
  • #17 - posted by naveen11791 on 05.17.10 @ 12:12PM
    when is the ep aring
  • #18 - posted by frelancer20 on 05.18.10 @ 5:01AM
    Air date: 18 May 2010 today.....
  • #19 - posted by Kallissien on 05.18.10 @ 5:18AM
    umm #9, that stuff happened wayyy before all of this, and it lasted a good 10 episodes. I thinks it's around 224. The reason fillers exist is because the manga is being caught up, so to skip stuff out would be ridiculous. Anyways, really looking forward to this ep!
  • #20 - posted by Fez on 05.18.10 @ 11:50AM
    God HURRY!!!!
  • #21 - posted by Sessh on 05.18.10 @ 11:51AM
    #19 Wow, indeed you are right and I remember it now. For some reason, I guess Zanpakuto Tales threw me off as it was 35 episodes after all. I just thought I read that in the manga and didn't see it in the anime. I guess it had just been too long, so now I feel pretty dumb!
  • #22 - posted by NVSK on 05.18.10 @ 2:45PM
    ?aptain obvious!
  • #23 - posted by Sessh on 05.18.10 @ 10:01PM
    No more formats? 55MB mp4?
  • #24 - posted by trilogyx on 05.19.10 @ 12:49AM
    Yeah!!!!!!!! Finally its a out aredy!! Great!
  • #25 - posted by chomio on 05.19.10 @ 1:22AM
    This time, I wasn't to late.
  • #26 - posted by anime222 on 05.19.10 @ 8:45AM
    avi 170MB?
  • #27 - posted by anime222 on 05.19.10 @ 9:53AM
    found it. thnx
  • #28 - posted by anime222 on 05.19.10 @ 10:18AM
    found it. thnx
  • #29 - posted by mezere on 05.24.10 @ 11:42AM
    thanks for your apreciate it is good but i'm supposed to egzantric soundtrack

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