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Bleach episode 310


English title: Ichigo`s Resolution! The Price of the Fierce Battle
Japanese title: ?????! ?????
Air date: 21 February 2011

Kurosaki Ichigo is a 15 year old boy that has an ability to see ghosts/spirits. Because of his ability, he is able to meet a female death god (a.k.a Shinigami) named Kuchiki Rukia. To save his family and friends from unwanted soul-eating spirits (Hollows), Rukia transfers her Shinigami powers to Ichigo. As Rukia takes on a human shell, together they solve mysteries involving spirits and hollows until from the spirit world comes 2 other shinigamis explaining that it is illegal to transfer Shinigami powers to humans and Rukia exceeded the time limit to stay in the human world. After they sentence her death for breaking the laws, Ichigo snaps and swears to everyone he will retrieve Rukia by breaking into the spirit world. [ANN]

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  • #1 - posted by BrokenEye on 02.15.11 @ 4:55AM
    number one ;)
  • #2 - posted by KissMeBaby on 02.15.11 @ 6:11AM
  • #3 - posted by orangeflash on 02.15.11 @ 6:43AM
  • #4 - posted by bknaruto on 02.15.11 @ 7:07AM
    Guys is it over the original story is it finished i really hope not. Guess they might start that "hell" chapter which makes no sense bcoz its gonna be like they are going backwards not forward bcoz ichigo lost his shinigami powers. all in all it was a one hell of a story.
  • #5 - posted by BrokenEye on 02.15.11 @ 7:31AM
    #4bknaruto, maybe you right, but a fact: this is the nice story (Bleach), and i enjoy until "bleach-episode-309", then perhaps my feeling about this story keep alive until future!! i guess you and everyone be happy by bleach in continue! :) be success guys.
  • #6 - posted by icedeath on 02.15.11 @ 10:04AM
  • #7 - posted by icedeath on 02.15.11 @ 10:08AM
    i think it might become even better bcoz ichigo is going to get his power back it might even learn better moves , who knows and aizen isn't dead is sealed , so he might come back
  • #8 - posted by rithvikreddy99 on 02.17.11 @ 5:26AM
    7th @ ice death yeah it might be true
  • #9 - posted by KopMaister on 02.17.11 @ 5:49PM
    folks... What happened in episode 309 was mearly the beginning of the true essence of the bleach storyline... obviously Ichigo has to find a way to get his shinigami powers back. and maybe when that happens he learns kido and/or other cool stuff. what we know for sure is that another chapter og Bleach har been completed. And if i know the writers of Bleach right the following anime, and manga for that reason, will be if not even better it will be Awesome!
  • #10 - posted by nunu40295 on 02.17.11 @ 6:18PM
    #10 ;p
  • #11 - posted by hkBattousai on 02.17.11 @ 8:36PM
    @9: Manga followers already know what will happen next. If you really wanna know, you can refer to manga.
  • #12 - posted by mamadfri on 02.18.11 @ 5:40AM
    bleach hell chapter is the new movie that they are making its not gonna be a 40 episode story
  • #13 - posted by hermione_cherry on 02.18.11 @ 11:11AM
    hello all.... 2 months of Bleach from episode 1 to 309.. just finshed watching the last one... whew.. it was totally awesome!!.. Now i want more more more!!!!!!!!!!!
  • #14 - posted by Kored on 02.22.11 @ 1:45AM
    Wow.. HorribleSubs got his arse into gear.
  • #15 - posted by Kored on 02.22.11 @ 1:45AM
    Too bad it's only 3.3mb.
  • #16 - posted by Kored on 02.22.11 @ 1:56AM
    Too bad it's only 3.3mb.
  • #17 - posted by ZADT_PROTUNER on 02.22.11 @ 4:03AM
    60MB mkv later pls.. :)
  • #18 - posted by ZADT_PROTUNER on 02.22.11 @ 4:04AM
    Ups...wrong parking lol..sorry..
  • #19 - posted by tsubaki_chan on 02.22.11 @ 6:33AM
    ah late again :(
  • #20 - posted by krrishh_raj on 02.22.11 @ 7:28AM
    Tsubaki chan remove the open n close brackets n it will work fine...
  • #21 - posted by navin on 02.22.11 @ 8:00PM
    i'm thinking that ichigo still has to meet the soul king and probably battle a few members of the zero squad
  • #22 - posted by navin on 02.22.11 @ 8:01PM
    i hope :)
  • #23 - posted by mugti on 02.25.11 @ 6:13PM
    invalid links at all... T_T

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