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Ah! My Goddess episode 25


English title: "Ah! Urd's Small Love Story?"
Japanese title: Unkown
Air date: 22 December 2005

Due to problems at Yggdrasil after the Lord of Terror incident, Belldandy shrinks while Urd becomes a child. After almost getting him in trouble when she gets caught drinking sake, Urd spends her time as a child with a new friend, Shohei Yoshida. Meanwhile, Keiichi and Belldandy work to artificially produce moon rocks in order to provide an alternative energy source for the goddesses while Yggdrasil is repaired. Urd decides to help Shohei gain his self confidence, and towards that end takes him to the top of a high-rise construction site - using it as a test for him to overcome his fear. With the moon rocks completed, and Urd once more her normal age, she says goodbye to Shohei (presenting herself as the "big sister" to Shohei's friend), agreeing to see him again once he has grown up.

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