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Ah! My Goddess episode 26


English title: "Ah! Being an Adult is Heart-Throbbing?"
Japanese title: Unkown
Air date: 22 December 2005

Due to continuing problems at Yggdrasil, Skuld ages into an adult and decides to experience her temporary adulthood to its fullest. After stealing a motorbike, she encounters Toshiyuki Aoshima, who provides her with all the ice cream that she can eat. Unfortunately, he also expects something in return, and entraps her. After Keiichi and Belldandy arrive to rescue her, Skuld is confused by her feelings - while she was unable to stand being touched by Toshiyuki, being touched by Keiichi produces different responses. So she asks Keiichi to take her out, and they venture downtown. As they shop for clothes, Keiichi and Skuld are asked to model for a bridal salon. After some difficulty when pretending to kiss for the photo, the two end up at the beach, where Skuld tries to come to terms with her feelings for Keiichi, before finally returning to her original age.

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