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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters episode 86


English title: Awakening of Evil, Part 1 (Jounouchi vs The Trap Deck)
Japanese title: Unkown
Air date: Unkown

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a show about a boy named Yugi. After 8 years he had succeeded in solving the Millenium Puzzle, where the spirit of a ancient Pharaoh lived. Together, along with all his friends, they are going through many obstacles in order to regain the Lost Memory of Yami Yugi... Season 1 (eps 1 - 49) Maximillion Pegasus arranged a grand tournament of his new invented game, Duel Monsters. A card game based on the drawing of ancient shadow creatures. But what's this? There's more behind this tournament. It involves Kaiba Corporation... Both Yugi and Joey have their own aims in this tournament, Yugi for rescueing his grandpa and Joey for the eye-operation of his little sister, Serenity. This season shows us their friendship and the strong bond between them. The heart of the cards... Season 2 (eps 50-97) Seto Kaiba, CEO of the Kaiba Corporation, arranged his own Duel Monsters tournament with a whole new set of rules! Exodia, the strongest monster of whole Duel Monsters, seemed to be not the strongest?! The three Egyptian god cards will be introduced in this season! Kaiba, who wants to regain his title of the Duel Monsters Champion, tried his very best in gaining them. But... what he didn't know is that there's a great evil watching their every move, hiding in the darkness. Yugi and his friends have to join this tournament in order to save the world! Seaon 3 (eps 98-144) Oh no! Everyone on the aircraft got trapped by Noah! What's this, isn't that the Big Five, the ones who tried to take over Kaiba Corp.?! WHat? Everything is Virtual now? What's going on?! Noah is still a small kid, he couldn't have created this virtual world! Someone else must be behind... Back in the real world the long waited duels are about to begin. Joey vs. Marik and Yugi vs. Kaiba. Who will gain a place in the finals and who will grant the title, The king of Games? Season 4 (eps 145-184) The greatest test of Pharaoh Yami is ahead. Paradise, a great Corp, is about to strike. But something isn't right. What?! ATLANTIS GOT TO DO WITH THIS?! Yugi lost his Egyptian God cards and some gang of motorcycles challenged them to duel. Then Pegasus sent them a video, just like how Duelist Kingdom starts! WHat does he want. What is the gang doing in Los Angles? Yugi's soul is sealed away by the hands of Yami?! Yami is determination is scattered? WHat's going on????? Season 5 (eps 186-244) Grand KC Championship is about to start. Finally a normal tournament... well, that's what they thought. Kaiba seemed to be in big trouble. Someone hacked into a amusement park, but why? WHat does he want and who is he? This is it! The Lost Memory of Pharaoh Yami is about to be revealed! Yami got swallowed into his own memory world. What!? He's is Yami's greatest enemy,BAKURA??? Oh no! Zork is summoned from the underworld! Yami needs to find his real name, otherwise our hope is lost! Episode 220-224 These four episodes are the most exciting of them all! This decides the fate of the Pharaoh! Yugi vs. Atemu! Will he stay or leave us. A very touching end with a great duel between the Kings of Games!!!

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