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Detective Conan Movie 1: The Timed Skyscraper episode 1


English title:
Japanese title: Unkown
Air date: Unkown

Taking the original story of Detective Conan, this first Conan film follows his adventures as he struggles to find and capture a mad bomber who's loose in his home town. Chasing bomb after bomb, Conan must stop him before he destroys a skyscraper in the middle of the city, which has the potential to cause millions of dollars in damage and kill hundreds. Who's planting the bombs? What are his motives? Gather clues with Conan and find out! [MAL]

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  • #1 - posted by dishamanocha on 10.04.08 @ 2:03AM
    without even watching it, i know that it's going tobe absolutely awesome, as all detective conan stuff is. however, i have seen a few clips of this movie in detective conan music vidoes.
  • #2 - posted by nuruddin91 on 12.05.08 @ 3:23PM
    what password for link hyperfileshare??
  • #3 - posted by Kijame on 12.10.08 @ 1:14AM
    @nuruddin: I tried "myteam" (since that's the name of the uploader), and it works.
  • #4 - posted by majormaryo on 12.29.08 @ 9:37PM
    ! E:\Manga\DC-M01.part1.rar: CRC failed in the encrypted file Detective Conan - Movie01 - The Timed Skyscraper [AConan].rmvb (wrong password ?) I got this error...using "myteam" as the password. Can someone help me?
  • #5 - posted by Kijame on 01.06.09 @ 6:46PM
    while I was able to start unzipping the file with "myteam" as password, it did not progress after a certain point... (somewhere between 25 and 33 % I believe), so I gave up on this file ^^; @majormaryo: did download all the files, or just the first one? because the movie has been split in part to be uploaded, and you need to download all components before you can unzip it.

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