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Naruto Shippuuden episode 92


English title: Encounter
Japanese title: Unkown
Air date: 14 January 2009

Naruto Shippuuden is the continuation of the original animated TV series Naruto.The story revolves around an older and slightly more matured Uzumaki Naruto and his quest to save his friend Uchiha Sasuke from the grips of the snake-like Shinobi, Orochimaru. After 2 and a half years Naruto finally returns to his village of Konoha, and sets about putting his ambitions to work, though it will not be easy, as He has amassed a few (more dangerous) enemies, in the likes of the shinobi organization; Akatsuki. [ANN]

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  • #1 - posted by said120 on 12.28.08 @ 2:52AM
    Naruto Uzumaki
  • #2 - posted by yadvi on 01.09.09 @ 8:45AM
    well my dear friend why is it that it is taking so much time to update the naruto ouf have to wait too much
  • #3 - posted by 2426me on 01.12.09 @ 5:06AM
    u can find naruto shippuden movie: "bonds" in naruto s ass... the subbed movie won t be out till april..and that too if dattebayo agrees to sub it.. this question has been answered like a million times.. even a similar topic exist in naruto forums.. u ll find same answer over there.. i.e in april-may if someone agrees to sub it
  • #4 - posted by johnis on 01.13.09 @ 4:47AM
    hey can any1 tell me how many episodes in front are MANGA than anime ? Naruto Shippuden MANGA n episodes
  • #5 - posted by yadvi on 01.13.09 @ 10:23AM
    hey whn will the next naruto be out
  • #6 - posted by 2426me on 01.14.09 @ 1:28AM
    but we ll be able to se it only after a week.. that too thru streaming site.. dattebayo won t be subbing any further
  • #7 - posted by eDkUn_eRiKa on 01.14.09 @ 5:25AM
    hello there eDkUn_eRiKa please reupload the MAX PAYNE [2008] DVDRIP the file is damage, please save it in .rar and all others who has extension filename of *.avi.001, *.avi.002 and so on.. thanks a lot for sharing!! im looking forward to download all your movies.. :D God Bless! k tq 4 ur info..i will upload again 4 u
  • #8 - posted by shakawat on 01.15.09 @ 4:36AM
    hello there.....the series folder contains no files....can u plz upload prison break?
  • #9 - posted by cloudkane on 01.15.09 @ 12:16PM
    Naruto shippuden 92
  • #10 - posted by 2426me on 01.15.09 @ 8:10PM
    i dwnld the ns episode 92 from db and it turned out to be some random anime.. is it the same problem for all db users or is it jus me??
  • #11 - posted by ssj7 on 01.15.09 @ 8:37PM
    [quote]i dwnld the ns episode 92 from db and it turned out to be some random anime.. is it the same problem for all db users or is it jus me??[/quote] ah it's their last troll :)
  • #12 - posted by Ausamnco on 01.18.09 @ 7:53PM
    hi... how do u know these are working. cox the free version doesn't come out till 23rd.
  • #13 - posted by devoured_elysium on 01.20.09 @ 10:58AM
    download one and turned out to some other languaged subs . . . wheres the english version????
  • #14 - posted by blitz1000 on 12.20.09 @ 4:41PM
    wheres the english subs i cant get em from ep 92 onwards wots goin on ?
  • #15 - posted by JuniXxX25 on 05.04.10 @ 4:39PM
    all are dead link

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