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English title:
Japanese title: Unkown
Air date: Unkown

Fake is a 1 hour OVA based on volume 2 of the Fake manga. The OVA is seen as a comedy because of its take on the common joke of \"the homosexuality in the cop buddy\" formula. The story opens with NYPD partners Ryo and Dee, who manage to get their two-week vacation at the same time, and they take a trip to what is supposed to be a quiet countryside hotel in England. Dee, of course, intends to seduce Ryo during their vacation. They meet the only other hotel guests there, Arisa and Cindy. Arisa often talks to Ryo and Dee separately about each others feelings, and explains to Dee that \"I know how you feel. I was chasing after my own special someone for a long time.\" and when she tells Ryo that\"I can see it in your eyes, that you love Dee. You should let yourself express your feelings sometimes.\" However, things turn strange after Dee and Ryo find a dead body floating in the lake at the hotel. Ryo also notices a strange man who seems to be sneaking around the hotel.Oddly enough, several Japanese tourists who have been in the area as of late have been murdered, including the victim the boys found on the lake. When J.J lets it slip that Ryo is half-Japanese and when a Japanese hotel guest mysteriously disappears, Dee and Ryo are in for some major trouble. Ryo falls down a trap door, being chased by the hotel owner, and sees Arisa and Cindy lying on the floor, all beaten up. Ryo exclaims \"Why?! Why did you have to kill them?!\", as the hotel owner says \"I told you, all Japanese must pay for their behavior.\" and Ryo says \"But what about Cindy? She\'s not Japanese?!\", and he explains \"Cindy was the unfortunate victim of it all. She saw me bring Areesa down here.\" It is unknown whether or not Arisa and Cindy were actually dead, for you see them at the end of the OVA.

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  • #1 - posted by natsupika on 05.25.10 @ 12:02AM
    wlang kwenta!!

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