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Alternative title(s): Ai no Kusabi, Love Wedge, The Space Between, Wedge of interval, Wedge of Love, 間の楔
Released in: 1992
Genre(s): Action, Drama, Romance, Sci-fi, Shounen Ai, Yaoi
Status: Completed

Ai no Kusabi takes place on the world of Amoi, ruled over by a computer named Jupiter. Jupiter has installed a number of strict social rules to its society. Among other things, social status is determined by hair color, Blonde being the highest, down to black or dark brown being the lowest. The Blondies, genetically engineered by Jupiter, are the highest social class and occupy the capital city of Tanagura. They travel to the satellite pleasure city of Midas, which has an independent slum area called Ceres.

Under Jupiter\'s restrictions, the Blondies are sterile and forbidden from indulging in sexual activities. Blondies keep \"pets\" (young teenagers) purely for voyeuristic purposes and they are kept for about a year before being discarded. Further emasculation is seen in the \"Furniture,\" young boys who serve the Blondies. Contrary to popular belief, the hair-color caste system only applies to those working in Tanagura and not in Ceres. The true separation is between those genetically created in a lab (those in Tanagura) and \"mongrels\" formed the natural way (those in Ceres). However it was written in the novel that Tanagura even manipulated the \'natural\' births of Ceres, ensuring that its population did not grow by restricting the number of female births.

One blondie named Iason Mink has kept a pet named Rikki, for years and is rumored to sleep with him. Iason refuses to let go of Rikki, even with Jupiter\'s disapproval. Rikki fights with his emotions and society problems, unable to decide what to do about his old friend/lover Gai (Guy) and their gang. Iason is obsessed with keeping Rikki, and Rikki doesn\'t know what to do; fight against him or surrender to him.

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