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Lovely Complex episode 1


English title: Freshman Year Summer! I'll Definitely Find a Boyfriend!
Japanese title: Unkown
Air date: Unkown

Lovely Complex is a romantic comedy about two high school friends, Risa and Otami who have a complex about thier hieght.Risa is the tallest girl in school and Otami is the shortest boy.As if that isn't bad enough, they are considerd as a comedy act throughout the school by students and teachers alike.One day,Risa realizes that she likes Otami as more than just a friend and her strugle to make him see her as as a normal girl and not just one of the guys begins.This confuses Otami and makes everything more hectic than it already is.

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  • #1 - posted by ryobunkdie on 11.10.11 @ 11:46PM
  • #2 - posted by ryobunkdie on 11.10.11 @ 11:47PM
    thank you soo muchh!! i've been searching everywhere for the real dowload links yet all of em sucks,fake n cant even download!! thank god i found this!!
  • #3 - posted by ryobunkdie on 11.10.11 @ 11:48PM
    you saved my life!! thank you thank you thank you sooo muchh!!! ahha i love you!!~ (lol too excited)
  • #4 - posted by ryobunkdie on 11.10.11 @ 11:50PM
    really.. the links really works!! i should have found this earlier! warghh!! :DDDD (tears in joy)~
  • #5 - posted by ryobunkdie on 11.11.11 @ 1:00AM
    plus, the visual (video) is clear n fine!!

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