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    Where are you? Every February i think of my yiew ;3;
  2. *poke*
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    thx for the visit
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    Hello yiew
    Are u? It's been a while.
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    so imma say this now, happy new year and I miss you and love you and and and happy EARLY birthday because your birthday is on the 29th of feb
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    wow! it's great to see you are back :)
    happy new year!
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    yeah... still here checking sometimes and all... :) glad to see u drop by ,,,, happy holidays Yiew.... :)
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    merry xmas
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    Merry Christmas :)
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    Sorry for my late reply,I was away because I had to study for one of my exams.

    How're you?Hope that everything is great with you. =)

    Thanks,pleasure to meet you too *Hi-Five*

    Yup,I'm not late so I will vote. ^^
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    Plz vote for the best sig in the christmas contest ~>
    thanks! =]
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    I'm not that active again in the forums. Hi, how are you! Waiting for Santa? xD
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    Well, there was a storm yesterday, but it's like crazy hot every other day. Errr.. I hate summer. o.e
    Aren't you from Australia?
    And, there's nothing to really see in Perth that the rest of Australia has. The only thing I can think of is the anime convention on the 30-31st of January.
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    hmm.. well I guess we can't rlly. blame each other ryt have had our own lot to take care of .. I guess
    same here btw miss the forum badly .. 'd luv to catch up over fb/gmail/hotmail/skype/yahoo .. geez whichever :P
    I think have yea added on a disabled yahoo .. could yea pm me your chat id's (s) ?? :P thnks in advance
    god bless

    Nath ..
  15. be sure to visit december SOTW contest :P will be alot of fun :P
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    Voted for Batman Arkham City. ^^
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    yo yiew, remember me? (i think not )
    long time since we talked
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    well hello there
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    Ohhhh, I just never got over CB :P IT TAKES TIME !!! xD
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    Yiew! I read somewhere that you're having your exams! All the best my love! -hugs
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    hahaha.. No problem.. Spam is love. 8D

    Well, we don't have winter season here. Only sunny and rainy seasons. But seasons are treating me well. I hope it goes the same for you as well.. XD
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    Lol,it's currently not summer here though. o.O
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    hehe, yup =P My summer starts in June and ends in September (usually at the end of August, but this year it was unusually long). And exploring and travelling is just the best way to enjoy free time and holidays imo, so I wish you have great fun. When do you plan to leave? and how long will it take?
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    xD Only if you add something of mine.
  25. poke poke :P
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    fun debate :) id rep ya for it if i could xD
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    I truely feel sorry for you XD
    what made you to choose to study that? :P
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    It saddens me to admit that I never fully got to enjoy reading manga. I only started like a year and a half ago and my busy schedule [first with studies, then with work] has kept me from reading as much as I would have liked. Most times I try picking up one shots [ very rare to find good ones] or manga that are within 50 chapters or less. This helps me read quickly without having to pause in the middle because when that happens I forget what manga I was reading :D

    Yes, your mom had a bad bad memory xD rofl
    By the way I'm just curious, as your AA mom is there anything about my lovely daughter I need to be aware of? Some form of insanity? or something? xD
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    I love crime/thriller/mystery [even those old fashioned detective ones]. Sometimes hard core stuff and sometimes with a bit of romance here and there. I also love fantasy, the epic wonder kind that explores people,races and creatures not none to me before. Though I've read plenty of paranormal [angels, demons, vampires, and stuff], they're overtly redundant. I normally find a good balance between my book readings, I read serious, hardcore stuff and then alternate by throwing in a Chick Lit or YA/Romance in the middle to keep my mind from going in that overload stage.

    So are you following any anime/manga these days?
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    Thanks my love. It would be embarrassing for my Literature professor if I wasn't :b

    I'm actually sorry I'm not as active as I normally am due to my vacations but i'm planning to have a lengthy spamming session with you in our Family thread sometime soon :D
    Yes, the soup and all helped but now I'm down with the worst stomach cramps I've had in a long while x.x
    Lol, the vacation spirits do not favor me in the least it seems ;)

    I personally love field/practical work a lot more than theory though it tends to be tedious most times. Hydrology is related to water I'm guessing? :)
    Tell me more about this, what exactly does a hydrologist do?
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