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    D:! My God! It's been how long since we've last chatted?
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    Happy Valentines day ^w^ *kiss*
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    Hey you. Been a long time... i forget the last time we've talked... . _ .
    A very, long time ago.
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    Hi, how are you?
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    Happy Birthday husband ^_____________^ *hugs*
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    Congrats on your AA, marriage, boyo! :)
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    Well it's about time ^^ It's good that you can relax. And I saw o.O My daughter is now married I guess I'm mean't to say, congrats and, I've got my eye on you? Lol Just kidding....But seriously ._.
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    Fuzzball ^^ How have you been lately? Did exams go well?
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    It's been awhile since I posted on here
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    It's no trouble at all as long as they're invited x)

    Hehe, we COULD have it at my place, but then we'd run into the same situation, and my mother isn't exactly the partying type. :/

    You know I just noticed that you've got some extra rep, and when I saw who gave it to you I was impressed, because the last three reppers were girls, and 2 in the same day. So it seems someone's becoming popular with the ladies.;D *bows*
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    That's too bad, because quite a few newbies have been breathing a bit of life back into it, especially in the spam section.:) But I usually just pop in to answer messages myself.^^

    Hey, we should have a massive party at your place before you go back to school, that way you'll be ready for school because you'll be too drunk to even remember it.xD
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    Okay, and lol really?:D

    I guess it truly IS a small world.:P
    So do you still come to the forum as often as you used to?
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    Haha okay I got ya.:) *whispers* i'm usually quite stealthy when I make my rounds, so that no one ever figures out I was there. ;)

    I've been okay, just waiting for my stupid mechanic to finally get around to fixing my car so that I can finally get out of this prison I call home, and i'm trying to deal with this Florida heat that I would have missed, if we didn't have such a warm winter.:/

    So what have you been up to?
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    Stalking me again? xD
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    favorite villain nomination thread

    hi there keeping yourself busy, i want to show you sm, hope ill cath you on skype soon
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    hahaha, love animaniacs
    is it bad that I know that song by heart? XD
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    ahem *turns on loudspeaker*


    ..That is all *turns off loudspeaker*
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    hi long time no see
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    I see. Well that's true. I've got different kinds of books for different kinds of reading, I usually pick up something fluffy, or horror when I don't feel like paying too much attention.
    Mystery, thrillers, fantasy require a lot more attention because I enjoy these particular genre the most.
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    It's understandable. There are some times when you just can't seem to finish a book, I don't know if it's the story or just bad timing :P
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    Ah, something needs to be done about schoolwork. From my experience, there's just no diminishing the mountain :P
    Things are all good on my end, nothing new here either I'm afraid.

    Same old, same old :P

    The book you posted as currently reading sounds interesting. Are you done reading it?
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    hello there! Nice to have you back :)
    What's up?
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    aww, your color changed O: no more purple ^____^
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    Hahaha, for you ^_____^
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    Oh! LOL I just noticed that! It spell Tanner XD Gosh, I feel stupid! I thought you just randomly decided to put slashes in your username XD Now it makes much more sense!
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    Random question: Do you often get confused while typing your username? :O Haha XD
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    It's ok,I understand that you must study.
    How many subjects do you have?
    Do you have any tips for successful studying? ;-D
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    SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL!How much does she weight? ;-p
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    Oh damn,and how long did it take for you to walk normally again?
    Thank you,I'm sick of staying in bed too :/

    Awww can you show me some pics of her?She must be so pretty!!! <3
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    Do you have exams soon?
    I've been in the hospital for almost a week.My leg hurts even when I make the tiniest move so I'm doing my best not to move at all.I tried to walk,made a step and almost screamed cuz of the huge pain so I'm afraid to try again,I guess some time needs to pass.
    How is your doggy?I hope he/she is doing great! ^^
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Also just an anime manga gamer book worm :D
want to know more just ask. about to enter into university work so not sure how much time ill have but ill be here as much as i can :P
Shivering isles
Animes And Video games. Talking on the Forum. Psychcology XD
College; I consider it a job.
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