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    your a mystery ljetibo
    figuring that I'm the elder here
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    updates only come as it really happens
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    Excuse me. I'm writing to you today because we have received information from a reliable source, that you've been mistreating your current wife, Muse. I must ask you to internet divorce her within the next 5-7 working days after the receipt of this message. Preferably before the weekend would be most advised.

    Failure to do so will result in consequences.

    The Department of Headbutting people in the face..
    - J
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    Ok, imacu poverenja ''u tim'' (ili clana tima) da zna(te) sta radi(te).
    Samo apel da se forum sam od sebe nece aktivirati.

    Mada me licno ni ne zanima preterano, ako je onako kao sto si rekao... :/
    Tako da cu svejedno da ''dropam'' ovo...
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    Yeah. When I was in elementary school, I wanna be a vet. And then last year, I wanna be a writer. And finally, this year, I don't know what to do! XDDD I become lazier than before, almost abandon my story, have such a weird day etc. I don't know I must happy or not wkwkwk
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    Absolutely! Bali is the only island which have the coolest beach, like Kuta Beach, Lovina Beach, and there's so many beach that i don't know the name. Bali is also the only island that have so many tourist from another country.
    For my leg, i sprain my ankle 2 weeks ago and not healed yet. That's really sucks D:
    Yeah, maybe you're right. I already think about that. The problem is, i don't know what i want to be in the future. There is so many things that i love to do, and that makes me more confused. Not really help!! lel
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    Well, for school, my teacher and my mom said that my score is decreasing (but I think it's not) she said that I should be more focus on my study to face the final exams. It's not that hard, but.. I really really must get the highest score if I want to get 3ds...
    Besides that, I'm on my holiday at Bali, and my leg Is really in pain XDD
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    yes yes yes?
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    What I want to tell you is almost same. I broke up with my bf about a month ago cuz he ignore me for 2 weeks. You can say that I already perfectly move on (maybe not), but, on 24 of Dec so suddenly my-ex send me a message and say sorry. And he said that actually he didn't intend to ignore me but he promise the priest not to talk to his gf until Christmas. -__-"

    he also said, "When we broke up? I don't remember. no offense... I really don't realize it." Can you imagine it?? I tried my best to forget about him for whole month but the truth is he didn't know that we already broke up! #tableflip already make me cry, make my day just like hell, and now... Uuh!! He's really pissed me of!! #rolls

    in the end we back to normal again, dating again, but now he looks like someone who want to take a distance from me! *grumble"*

    .... Oh God... Sorry for babbling just like an idiot... *bow* #plak
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    Not a gossip actually :D just an ordinary things that happen on my life wkwkwk
    Well, before I tell you, did you ever fall for your ex-gf for the second time? (After you broke up with her)
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    Ahaha sure sure *sit*
    Well, there's a lot of things happen this month. Actually, 'unpredictable' things happen. Wanna know it? :D
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    Weew okay then :D enjoy your holiday~ have a healthy day! XD
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    Ehehe thanks! You celebrate Christmas also?
    Yeah, I'll stay so that game won't die LOL
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    Merry Christmas my dear uncle
    There's still a game that we need to finish~
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    maybe :P 'jk I do understand everything's just ya know, like you said, a lot of work >>
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    Ok ..well, good luck for thursday!
    I'll read through that PM, and start making suggestions when this makes sense to me~
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    Aha, things totally need to change !!..and thanks I'll appreciate your help with that, along with those other sections ^^ Just let me know what's up when you do start working on it~ cuz I'd like to know'..Well I thought your exams were closer, guess not ..As for me, I'm currently busy now trying to finish off my portfolio for next year, then I can also enjoy the rest of my holiday break without any sh-t <3
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    yep, that's what I meant~ are you done for the year now, or not yet :o
    I see ..and anyway if I hadn't been gone when misu was asking for mods, I would've applied too but meh I can still try asking her later when things progress a bit more, also I've lost my previous gfx powers, so I can't update and clean up that part of the section..

    ps: thanks for repping ^^
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    welcome back what was the reason?
    and gratz on Smod! damn it :P
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    haha alright noted, but still thank you. I know i am still the new kid on the block and still learning. :)
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    hey lj thanks for the warning on the AA adopt a member V3.5. I'll leave it alone till i hear word that i got a family.
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    I see.. thanks :)
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    Hey LJ, I just fixed my sig! Please let me know if it's okay. Also, I tried to apply for a Veteran Award and it wouldn't let me. ._.
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    Hi Ijetibo, yesterday I tried to change my picture profile and avatar, I tried to find where I can change it and I've found it, thank you've seen me in the chat box and if I have any questions I can ask you
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    hahahah yes. thanks :)
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    try out~ the first preparations for National Exams on April xD taste good =w= *cry
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    ahaha hope you are doing okay the other day then~ i have to study hard for my exams next Monday
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    You know, DID patient lose memory of what their other self did when they change.. Are there cases when they remember what they did?
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    okay then. yes sir! =w=7 oow, nothing interesting? just ordinary life like always? XD
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    ahaha i read it again and again, but i don't find anything funny.. why it always like that? i never intend to write anything funny but my friend always laugh when i wrote something XDD
    me? i will have exams next Monday so i have to prepare for it, my brother is doing alright, and my bf.. i don't really know but he's alright at the moment
    what about you? any interesting stuff happening there?
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