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    well part of my proplem was signing up to be president of a student group. It's a lot of work. But it was been very fun!
    Midterms are already coming!! Crazy how fast this stuff happens
    How's the semester going for you?
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    I don't know...are you sure? You could be a zombie :P
    I am pretty good. And Swamped! The semester just started and I'm already more busy than ever! XD
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    Hello, I see you're back. How was your trip? Had fun? :D
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    I do remember you telling me that before. Geez, maybe I need to move to Belgium XD
    That's really cool that it is the norm, people must be smarter over on your end, huh? :D (Well, hopefully!)
    Yeah, here a masters isn't something most people go for and it doesn't make finding a job any easier either, actually in some cases it makes finding a job more difficult because people don't want to hire anyone who is over qualified! Kinda ridiculous. For my degree/job what I need to worry about more than getting better degrees is passing the licensing tests.
    I'm starting to get excited about school starting again
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    Awesome! And a masters? That's pretty sweet!
    I don't think I will go for a masters, mainly because of how much money that is . . . and school isn't something I really want to stay in any longer than I have to.
    Next time that we are both online then ! :D
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    Nice, who's we? Your family? Or your gf :)
    Yep, that's the best kind of job, the one that gets you relevant work experience.

    Surprise button, heh. Haven't used that one for a while :D
    Have fun in Greece!
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    Liu, sorry for troubeling you again, I want to ask you something >< if I want to change my date of birth, how can I do it anyway?
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    A masters, eh? Nice, very nice :)

    Where are you planning to go on vacations? It's nice that you're enjoying yourself, where are you working?

    Hahaha, thanks. Yep, do check it out. I haven't been reading manga for quite some time now. Just one or two that gets updated every once in a while.
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    That's pretty cool.
    So you'll have you're results now? I hope that it went well! :D
    yes! we need just a whole day of spam. that would be awesome.
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    : 3
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    Liu! O:

    Sorry, I totally forgot to reply back. Please take this glitter bomb as a peace offering and use it well :P
    Hope you're doing good and working but not too much and enjoying too. Bit of everything.

    I'm fine and modding is alright. Do you ever wander in the manga section or not a manga reader? I'll usually found there, in the manga graveyard, resurrecting dead chapters and all. See? I'm making it sound so interesting rofl
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    *pokes back*
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    ahaha sorry ^^
    yes! you're really help me.. thanks ^^/
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    Of course :D.. this is the first time i took participated actively in the forum and that was really fun but sometimes i don't really understand what people say because my english is still bad.. my grammar bad right? ahaha
    sorry i talk much right now, i really happy that you replay my message.. Thanks Liu ^^ my time here will be very nice
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    Hello, i'm Ilya nice too meet you. sorry i am spamming here. i just want to say hello. do you want to become my friend? XD
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    No problem, I think I should be the one apologizing now

    That's pretty interesting, and it's cool that your research can be used to help people.

    I did end up passing all my classes. I have no idea how, but I did! Now I am busy working for the summer. I am really exhausted from all of this stuff.
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    hello there! long time no see :D
    how's it going? :)
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    Heh thanks :)
    Have been busy and still is. The main diff is probably I now have the means to get on here.

    How about you? Fill me up on things that change I was last here.....
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    Heya :)
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    Gas analysis system? That sounds pretty complicated, you're pretty smart aren't you? :D

    haha I could easily write a lot about this proffessor, lol actually I just might^^
    lol that exam went so bad it wasn't funny t_T somehow im getting a C in the class though (thank goodness)

    Sorry for taking forever to respond, busy week.
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    What's the essay on? I hate writing essays. I had to do one recently...though I put no work into it I still got an A O_o I don't know how that happened. Maybe it has something do do with the fast that she can't spell and her grammar is terrible.

    I'm pretty decent as well, though I do have the calc professor from hell this semester. Otherwise I'm good, studying for an exam at the moment.
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    haha no worries I do that all the time! Seriously, all the time.
    It's funny I was just thinking, that I hadn't hear from you in a while XD

    Yikes that sounds like that might've hurt.

    So how have you been? Anything interesting going on?
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    How did you get stuck in a tree ! You took a turn and just flew off? XD
    That probably makes for a pretty good story, right?

    That is pretty funny, back when I was in highschool my teacher let me read during class because they knew I would do well regardless...which doesn't help now when I don't know how to pay attention and having classes that I really need to focus in XD
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    I was so bad at it - One time I got caught on this awkward hole and couldn't get one of my ski's back on - but couldn't get downhill without my skiis. My freind's sister had to pick me up and fix my skiis for me after a good 20 minites of being stuck !

    Haha I wish I could :/ But hopefully by next class period everyone else would forget!
    lol I used to sleep in the first row of some gen ed art class I had my first semester XD
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    Awesome! I've never gone snowboarding, I have gone skiing though and that's always a lot of fun.
    (it is a phrase usually it's said as "the cherry one top" but I got what you meant)

    Haha I don't know if things going my way happens for long. lol today my professor made me look like a total idiot in front of class. But hey, tthat class isn't in my major or anything so I shouldn't be that upset.
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    Fun! :D Did you do anything cool on holiday?

    The flu, oh no! I hope You feel better!

    I'm pretty good, thingas have been going well^^
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    *cleans room*

    well. I was out on the outskirts of town doing some fancy work on the farm. lol
    since I didn't enroll this semester, I helped out at my relative's farm XD it was really tiring but fun nonetheless

    how bout ya?
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    It's been working out good, so far. Plenty of kinks in the department that I'm managing and kind of lonely since it's just me xD

    Hope you're feeling better now. Congrats on passing! *dances along* Yeah, your absence was noticed :D

    I'm good, enjoying a sort of a mini break myself.
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    *bangs Liu's room*

    heey theeere!

    barely got out of my last mission impossible. but I'm back. lol

    muhahahaha! *spills ketchup everywhere*
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    Hey Liu
    Haven't seen you in a while so I decided to say hi
    Well actually...I said hay, but whatever! XD

    How have you been lately?
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