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    Teach meeeee
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    lols,the real meaning is *sweetheart* : P

    ur so generous < 3 ,, yeah and this week is way buzier than the previous one ,2 of my collegues are in break so i had to do there work -.- ,but am gald and proud of myself iv got to learn how to be in controle ^^

    lols,my tooth was broken -.- , he made new cover for it ,after a week iv got used to it , so am not killing him anymore ,or shud i ? Lol

    really!! but am stuck betwen that one and an other lap ,dont know which one to take -.-

    haha,ur really awsome ,but guess what i dont mind living in a montain WITH U :P -jk-

    so no chance -.- its time for me to give it a chance as well lol u just send me the money :P -jk-

    really great , go and get the best job they ve got : 3 ,now i can rest at peace lol

    have u made new freinds there ? okay lovely boy ,gonna await for ur reply no matter how it takes : P

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    H r u?
    btw i love ur BG and avi and h did u put the pic on top
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    I bet it was the best surprise of all ;) I know, I know. I'm quite awesome that way :D

    Bad start? Oh no, does not sound good. I hope things are all good for you :)
    I'm okay, doing pretty much the same stuff I do regularly :D
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    Buuuu =3=
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    Heelloo tnx 4 the add
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    hello ptit coeur : P

    sorry for the late reply ,been buzy with some **** ,hardly got some time to visit home ,iv been to my dentist , fixed my tooth made it look like a cow s tooth,i wish i could kill him right now ,but that has to wait for a bit -.-

    yeah,i will leave it alone cuz it connect me with u :PPP , am planing to buy tushiba satelite c55 ,not that good, what u think ?

    u look younger ,but i dont -.- in 10 years id be very old miserbale living in isolated montian surounded by trees and wilde animals lol

    hahah,i have no doubt in that, .so any luck this time ?
    yup,there is all kind of gumbling here , but never thought about trying it out ,its addicting ,here they play more that thingy with horses !

    oh !! thats hard !! but in way its better than wasting 2 years of ur life ,just endure this crapy scheduls for now and fly higher the next year : P
    here ,ill give u my lap if u can handle it lol

    untill i hear from u again,have fun and misss me < 3
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    Ahaha and what is that?
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    Yeah xD How should I call you?
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    wew i suck at it
    okay, Mat :D just study once and i can do all the exercises~
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    I am eating food ,sweets, drinking coke...nothing much :P
    missed ya ...a bit XD
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    Hello there, thanks for the friend request :D
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    Ahaha what subject do you like the most? Even without study you can get high score?
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    u are frogiven

    and thats mean i wont recieve ur messages as well -.- so nah,i d rather not risk it -.- !

    lol ,and some pppl who look older than there real age !! dont wanna be one of them tho -.- ,beside music has no age !
    how do u picture urslef in 10 years ?

    LOLs im afraid it will turn to centeries if i wait for u to win that dman lotto : P ..anyways,hurry uppp and come here lol

    so u believe that we would vanish onse we are dead -.-

    are u implying that mine wasnt satisfied T--T , i wanna forget her cuz it hurts to think about her

    nice combination lol what !! how come i thought they lives in forest =.= u mean the pics of u stanidng in that monster montain !

    sorri :P how many years are u going to endure the college btw ? :p

    tnx love ,,i did have some fun ,missed the movie tho i was late for the Rendez vous, my freind get mad at me for it,but we spend a nice evening , saw lot of my other freinds ,talk is all i did ,boring but fun lol

    so ,sunshine,how goes it ?
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    Then be my sensei Ahaha better than have exams
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    Why?? D:
    good~ have exams next tuesday #rolls
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    ahaha how about yes?
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    whats up ? LOL
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    so true ! umm !! then i shud be thinking about an other plan ,somthing like sending u a virus or such !!! i need a hacker to help me out lol

    hehe,so what !! age is just a mebmebr and he doesnt look like it at all o.o , so even Eminem is not sure what to do lol.. aww !! sweet of u <3 ,ill be praying for that day to come !! how many dacades shud iv wait lol

    lolz ,meanie : P ,,do u believe in afterlife btw?

    am home ,but my cat is no where to be seen -.- anyways,i shud accept the reality and just forget about her T--T .. have ur cat ever run way from home ?

    seems very nice ^^ glad u made it home wihtout injuries lol , i wonder what kinda of forest u got there in SA !!just make sure not to cross a lion in ur way next time ur comaping lol

    lols,dont feel sad ,arent u bored of not doing anything !!? lols

    life is cool ,am in break for few days , i may go watch 300 with a freind ,but not sure yet !! damn it ,there is lots of things i wanna do ,but no time to them all -.-
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    i know how to use a bow, actually.. ehehe #killed
    teach me how to become a pro~ lol
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    ahaha i don't know how to use it. you know? teach me! *rolls you*
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    hm.. i want twin swords or a bow, maybe?

    it's okay~
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    no what?
    and what is it? xD
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    yo my beloved guy : 3
    yeah,and am suffering that i have to use it still T..T poor me ! ill curse ur pc so u can have the same pain as mine lol
    sure ur my soul ,how can we not think the same lols
    **** nooo !! why is it his last tour ?!! is he done with music or somthing !!! ,,my place is AWSOME ,u shud come and visit one day -..-
    haha : 3

    no ,they were extra mega shiny lols,,,ur hugs felt like real ,tho ill alwasy wish to hug u for real ,if its not here then afterlife lol
    my cat has run way ,she aint coming back ,,im trying to be happi for her ,im just worried she will find it hard to adjust to the outised world ,cuz she was so picky when it comes to food ,anyways,i will still look for her when i will go back home net week -.-

    hahaha,even the sun would great if i will to met u there ;) boy,how is liiife?
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    ahaha why they never add that to school program? maybe student will more... exited? xD
    what will you use if school organize survival games?
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    lolz,glad u learnt ur learnt the lesson : 3
    im already envying some more ,especailly my lap is losing it all -.- , tnx dear really hop so i want to get myself somthing good a lap where i could play some good games !!

    glad ,me too i wont be done with anime not as long as am alive i guess ,but as u said its become so rare ,we have become kinda of picky about it neh !!

    hhh,what i meant by lost is wasted like drunk lols,,i used the wrong word as usual :P *damn me *
    oooh,hopfully ,tho i doubt he doenst even know about morroco -.- next time u invite me when he perform there :P

    hhh,okay ,u already stand out the way u are :p

    ill get "em shiny just so i can have a kiss from u :P tnx for the hug ,really need it ,and i trully need some more ,been 2 days ,my cat has left,dont know if she is dead or alive,im so sad and worried about her :(

    i would loove to come see u :P ,visit china ,india and japan ,what about u ?
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    ahaha what about survival game? that's more interesting xD
    we use fake gun or maybe nerve. oh i love that
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    ahaha why must drama anyway -,- why don't something else like.. sonething? #slap
    lol then you come here xD
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