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    You must request it via the awards page
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    an other tnx :)
    hahah,,,,too bad,the other game looked cute lol
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    tnx dear
    well,its not a new job,it will be my first job since i graduate from the nursing school -__-
    by the way ,how good is that game u shared in fb ? lol
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    so ur letting go : p
    wish u good luck with that,ill soon be staring my job by the way : )
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    u sure ? lol
    what is RN ?
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    ow !
    sorry about that, did u upset her , sure she will come back ,just gave her some time : p

    oh,i misunderstood ;p,,,what would be ur degree once u fnish the bachelor ?
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    umm,,,,,,,what happend ?

    oh,well,lets call it bachelor lol but why u wont be finishing te bachelor ?
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    am doing fine,how about u ? done with ur college? ^^
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    Well I read a book each day... kind of.. so...
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    I am here now to say hello.
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    missing u boy : P
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    Of course. That goes for everyone. :)
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    Oh dont worry about it :) do you like reading?
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    not much right now just lying in bed reading a book.:)
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    Ehehe what's up?
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    hello amaimon :)
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    Oi thunder, King here, when was the last time you were in an STOW here at Animea, you should be in one again.
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    Hahaha thanks ^.^ yeah i got it, cya on fb;)
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    It's ok :) yep hopefully. Lol i meant like someone like me as in i didn't think i would ever have charisma XD ik ik though people say i am lively and all so i guess it comes along all that. Sure you can add me, though i go on not as much as i used to, u can pm me your facebook name^^
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    Did the cat return?
    How are you? :)
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    Yep yep! :D lol well urs seems more interesante xP

    I see, my parents are divorced, they split up when i was three not so early as urs ^^ and i had a very big thing that took place xP but its all over and i'm fine, happy. I also have step parents, they are nice too^^ so i'm pretty lucky.

    Aww that's nice^^ and you're welcome :) ty.

    Well possibly a doctor, who knows but i want to be different not the common gp or something:P

    Thank you, that is really nice of you to say, to someone like me..i wish i had a higher self esteem:) and thank you, i'll ask for your help when needed, but if you wanna ask anything you can;)
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    Well i'll check it out, when i find the time xP wow your life seems more interesting than mine, i'm jealous xD just kidding. My life's good, fun...enjoying my youth.

    So your parents live separately? Well it's nice that you go to see her, better to keep connection with both parents^.^ that's what i do.

    Well that's nice that you enjoy it:) and well have fun with your gf...she's worth the time;) It seems as if you have a good relationship with gf, that's good to know, i wish you guys luck in life and i hope everything goes well:)

    My interests...hmm i want to study medical help people, become well established in life.. be known for my good deeds and so on..set a good example for my siblings. I have interest to make lots of friends, meet lots of different people, explore the world and so on. Haha well yeah i do^.^ everything is good:) and no i don't work lol, i am still currently studying. Oh that's cool xD so you can tutor me for uni eh? XP
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    Haha why didn't you sleep?
    Oh cool, i've heard of the games of thrones, haven't watched it yet. Way to go! Goodluck in your last semester!

    Well i only have a few days left till i go back to school-.-

    My hobbies..i like watching anime, i used to read books a lot now i can't be asked. I sometimes read manga, not so much. I watch movies....i hang out with friends :) i go to a lot of family gatherings...since i have a big extended own one is not so big XD, i eat when i'm bored XD i talk a lot...which could be annoying at times, but most people enjoy it, and i'm a lively person..sometimes moody, but it disappears fast. I love technology, i think it's amazing, i want to travel to lots of countries! I think that's all i can think of atm:)

    So what about you? What are your hobbies/interests?
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    I recorded two albums with my band and did a tour of Germany last summer, our drummer got really sick and had to quit on due to his health so we decided to call it quits after that.
    I finished my biology degree doing a thesis in ecology, I did experiments to see were there any viable alternatives available to chemical pesticides.
    I got a cert in health and safety management then went on to do a masters degree in the same area, I'm currently doing a thesis on the effectiveness of manual handling training.
    During the week I intern as a health and safety consultant and at the weekend I work in a cafe, its a busy life alright!
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    It would be difficult to do considering it was nearly 3 years ago. Back in the day when that particular award was given out it was part of a series of end of the year awards where users had nominated people for the awards and then voted on the candidates it was supposed to be a yearly thing but Scoutz never continued it after that.
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    Thanks:) and yeah ofc practice makes perfect so it's necessary:) yeah well i would like to speak in another language with other people..if i can. And i think so too, well i hope so.
    So how are you?
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    Oh and I can read fluently, i can understand some stuff. In a text i would understand better than when people speak cause they speak fast XD
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    Well other languages too but i do spanish:) we have to do atleast one language (other than english ofc) for national exam, by law. School teaches different languages my school is a language college. Their Spanish results are really high.

    That's awesome:) i think it's a nice language. Yo no hablo español, Yo estudio español. En el futuro me gustaría hablar con fluidez . ^^ (though don't mind my mistakes lol)
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    She said? o.o Oh ok lol=P
    Ty^^ nope not yet, i will be going college next year:) Atm studying for physics exam, and got a spanish one too.
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    I have a clean record of no bites XD
    Np, i see..well i'm on vacation atm so i'm just relaxing, as well as studying too.
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