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    01-27-2016, 11:41 PM
    Arinya replied to a thread german in International
    ich glaube fast nichts kommt mehr komplett ohne klischees aus, weils fast alles in irgendeiner form schon mal irgendwo gegeben hat... und aus...
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    01-24-2016, 11:53 AM
    ZlayT replied to a thread Capital Punishment in Debates
    Well said. Justice becomes a label used at its user or users' users convinence.
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    01-17-2016, 11:32 AM
    Arinya replied to a thread german in International
    jo lolis werden so schnell nicht aussterben... kopf hoch! ich musste grade erst mal schauen was undertale überhaupt ist... omg ich bin so überhaupt...
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    01-16-2016, 02:28 AM
    Arinya replied to a thread german in International
    ist mal wieder so laut hier drin, dass man kaum noch das tropfen des wasserhahns oder das ticken der uhr mitbekommt... hoffentlich seid ihr alle...
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    01-12-2016, 09:39 AM
    ZlayT replied to a thread Konichiwa in Introduction
    We welcome you :)
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    01-12-2016, 06:58 AM
    ZlayT replied to a thread Just want to say Hello! in Introduction
    Hello and Welcome!
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  1. View Conversation
    Happy belated Easter!
  2. View Conversation
    Haha! Hopefully I'll find something good to write about.
  3. View Conversation
    Nice to meet you too!
  4. View Conversation
    -The research is gonna be smth phenomenon I see here in my university.
    -Yeah he's quite a great one to be honest!
    Btw the last time we've talked together I think was 2 years ago!
  5. View Conversation
    Hiii Becca it's been forever!
    Well, I also have another year left for me.
    Mm, well, yeah there are a lot of things that have changed in my life like moving to a new house, having a new roommate in our dormitory, more interesting courses and I'm working on a research this semester.^^
  6. View Conversation
    its okay... i haven't been online much either... summer? we dont even get summer vacation... only vacations for religious festival... like one i am having right now... yeah... trying to :D how are you ? how is study going?
  7. View Conversation
  8. View Conversation
    Hey! glad to hear back from you. Is it hoping to much that you're sticking around and taking part in the writing contests once again? :)
    What semester is it now? I mean how long till you graduate? Truth be told I haven't read shoujo manga or any manga in a while. I did try reading some the other day but unfortunately I picked a bad one so had to drop it. The nice ones are pretty awesome to read, yes. If you have any good recs, do let me know!

    And hey, stop by our shoujo FC too sometime.
  9. View Conversation
    Hahaha I'm fiine!
    the world cup was amazing!
    Summer vaca
    tion is pretty long and fun indeed.
    We've done a lo
    t ^^
  10. View Conversation
    extremely busy as you can tell sorry for such an ubber late reply!!
  11. View Conversation
    Hey Rebbie! Sorry I never got around to replying to your vm >.> Now that I have some free time, I'm seizing the opportunity to start new conversations with my friends :D
    How've you been? and what's been up lately? :)
  12. View Conversation
    Wow, late responce, sorry :p
    Well.. I can imagine that's a load of work! I hope it all went well ;)
    This semester is packed with internships (doing long days, 12hours, I'm not used to thiiiiis D:) and making my masters project, which is coming along nicely :)
  13. View Conversation
    wow thats a lot. i am nowhere in touch with mathematics. only biology. yeah i am studying to become a doctor. and i am already fed up with all the regular activities i have to go through... mostly with blood and organs of dead body... hope all these torture will pay off when i will finally become a doctor and serve to cure diseases....

    you are done after two years? i am so envious XD. mine will take 5 more years till i am done with my under-graduation then one year of internship...after that there is post graduation...
    take care. study well and be a great engineer XD
  14. View Conversation
    *checks for a pulse*
    Seems allright :p
    Hah! I know what you mean, I'm swamped with work and some more work this semester. But oh well ^^
  15. View Conversation
    Hey looks like someone here forgot about somebody -.-
  16. View Conversation
    yeah same here. weekend passes mostly in sleep and homework... our weekend is different ... mine is friday. yours saturday and sunday, right?
    i had to take anatomy, histology, embryology, osteology, physiology and bio-chemistry for my first professional test which is after one and half year... then the subject will change...
    how about you? what classes are you taking? how long does it take to finish your whole course?
  17. View Conversation
    sorry for replying so late. have been very busy with new schedules and regular exams.... dont even have enough time to sleep.
    hope you are enjoying your classes ... as hard as it is to actually enjoy them..ha ha . hope you are doing well.
    i couldn't actually enjoy my vacation, class started suddenly and is going on fulll swing.... for now, weekends are the best days of my life....
  18. View Conversation
    HEY REB!!!!
    I'm still not dead :p Somehow I still manage to creep around at AA now and then :p
    How are you doing? Fine I hope :)

    Talk/spam with you soon ^^
  19. View Conversation
    how are you doing?
    sorry for not replying, i wasn't online.... but i having vacation now. its winter here.
    how is the weather?
    take care
  20. View Conversation
    Hey Rebbie! :)

    I think it's pretty wonderful that you've been feeling positive lately, it's not everyday one feels good even on bad days or is able to look at the brighter side of things.
    Being social is pretty difficult yes, it does involve you having time and money among other things. But there;s still ways to meet with friends or such every once in a while. I do not like big gatherings or posh restuarants to meet up. I'd rather meet in private, where we can catch up with one another with ease and enjoy a good time. I invited my friends for lunch a week or so back, it was quite good. We had lots of good food and awesome company.

    What are you upto these days?:)
  21. View Conversation
    ohh so what you been up if you not been doing anything much interesting
    if you don't mind me asking ofc
  22. View Conversation
    Haha, that sounds the good kind of busy :) And I'm glad you're very happy :D

    I'm good, could be happier i suppose :P But I get my days. And nothing exciting is happening in my life either, though I'm trying to be more social and meet up with friends.
  23. View Conversation
    wow, i should take a look in bookstore then XD
    hope it still there
  24. View Conversation
    Haha, I love random! and thanks :)
    It is pretty :D

    How are you doing?
  25. View Conversation
    ahaha then i still have no anime i interested, it's about what?
  26. View Conversation
  27. View Conversation
    Are you serious? It's the most trusted internet Anime source.....In fact through this site I knew most of the Anime I mentioned.
  28. View Conversation
    I only take the psychology test. All student have to take that exams. But the writting test is only for student who didn't have enough mark to passed the test.
  29. View Conversation
    I go to AnimeNewsNetwork to check up the updates, then go to youtube to see the trailer and the episode...If I like it, I download it...If not...DELETE!!!!!
  30. View Conversation
    test to enter High School. but in the end i don't take the exams XDD
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