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    I'm a sophomore, but I'm taking all the advanced placement courses you can possibly take. Most kids have six classes. I have eight. I feel like Hermoine Granger except without that time turner thing. I feel like I need one. Since I'm also in band, and band practice is almost every day, I don't get home until five. So I stay up really late trying to maintain my grades. I have all A's, but most of them are on the verge of becoming B's. XD
    DONT TEMPT ME. I haven't played a video game in months. I need them so much right now.

    Supernatural!!! I started with season 6 I think, but then I stopped and started with season 1. I'm on episode 4 I think? (No time to watch anymore) T^T I totally love the show, and Dean and Sam are perfect brothers. Just, GYAHHHH. Dean's so sassy, he's my favorite.
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    Dang text boxes are small. CONTINUATION!
    Korra. Well, I got to about halfway in the first season, now I'm on a slight break. Korra annoys me so much. In TLA, everybody learned a lesson, everybody grew in some way. Korra does not. She just blunders in, punches everything, and starts yelling. And just when I think she's grown as a character and I start to get interested in the show, she does something else that reallllly ticks me off. I have been watching some discussions about the second season, how she's with Mokka and he's now the 'perfect boyfriend' and how she's horrible. And something about Tenzin getting special treatment from Aang, and Bumi being 'dark-skinned'?
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    Hiya! I've been doing well. Schools been really hectic, I go to bed about midnight each night because of homework. And since it starts so early I only get about five hours of sleep. But other than that it's been cool
    YAY! Night Circus was such a good book. I think I had trouble reading other stuff after that too. I suggest reading "Daughter of Smoke and Bones", it's super amazing too, but it actually has a series. It's about demons and angels, but it's not your typical storyline. It's so unique and well told, I absolutely fell in love with the series.
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    Oh.. everyone has exams these days.. When I was in school, I didn't study for 'em xD
    but that's really boring what about after the exams? any plans?
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    Good Alhamdulilah. And how are you?
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    Hi! :) Thanks for welcoming me! :)
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    Ohh now I get it!XD And mhm ok yes Ma'am^666^
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    Yo Rebbie how have you been keeping?
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    It might be hard, but you're not only doing it for yourself but for your I guess it should be easy since your also developing your relationship with him.^^
    Anyway I seem to recall that we're at the same age right?? So how com you're still in school?? >.<
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    I've been wanting weird foods for a while. My mom and I were discussing what we should make for dinner one night...She suggested steak, hamburgers, spaghetti, all the normal foods a normal family would eat for dinner. I asked if we could make zucchini bread, or maybe have some chips with salsa. And then maybe have some dried apricots. She just stared at me before beating her head on the steering wheel, moaning something about how she knew I was her daughter....xD I was slightly sad when we had pasta for dinner.
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    Ohh, one of my friends has issues with certain red dyes. I forget what it does to either made her super hyper or made her super sick. Lol, I feel like a bad friend for forgetting. But it's so weird how much red dye is actually in stuff. She was drinking a soda one day and I glanced at the information ingredients thing, and it contained the red dye she can't have. I freaked out, but she just wanted the soda and kept drinking. XD
    Mmmmm, I'm craving McDonald's burgers now...or maybe some pie...I like pie...
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    Wow, I didn't know the tuition was expensive over there!
    In my country, as long as you're a citizen the tuition is free in public schools that is.
    Lol, you're not familiar with Ramadhan??!!!
    It's a month that we Muslims have to fast for a whole month.^.^
    It ended the other day though O.O
    Anyway I thought you were in a college, not in school.;p
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    Here in Belgium it's quite easy to be able to study. in comparison to america: it costs nothing. 500 euros to begin your year. And another 200 euro's for the books and stuff. And, if you study at a university in Belgium, it's stupid not to go for your masters. Because it's getting the norm around here. oh well ^^ you can easely find work without your masters.. but.. oh well ^^ an additional 2 years isn't that bad :p

    Yea indeed :D
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    Pretty good as far as I'm in a holiday and in Ramadhan as well.;D
    What about you?^^
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    My Xbox was tragically packed away in a box, shipped to where we are now living, and then was lost in storage. The movers finally located all of our stuff, so they are bringing it over in a week. I can't wait to laze about with my video games again~ x3
    McDonald's doesn't ever make me sick, but then again I've always had a strong stomach. And I try to order healthy meals that I know won't be harsh on my stomach. It works pretty well, but the amount of soda I'm drinking really is too much now. Im gonna have to change that soon too.
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    yeah i agree. i am from Bangladesh, a small country of Asia.

    thats nice. its nice to enjoy the ocean breeze. and the sunset.
    have fun XD. i am stuck at home. its too hot outside. i guess home is a better place for this weather.
    take care.
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    Bioshock Infinite is that good? Hm, now I wanna check it out. I will get my Xbox back soon, maybe in a few weeks, so I just have to hold out for a little while longer. XP
    Still no internet, but luckily McDonald's is close by and has free wifi. I should be getting Internet sometime this week, but I don't know how that will turn out. If I don't get any this week, then I will just stop by McDonald's more often. :D I do love their fries....
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    I am back after a long time ;-D

    How're you?

    And yes, that was me in my profile pic but I am changing it ;-D

    I have been super busy but I have some time now and I am back.
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    well, my parents pay. until girls get married, they are bound to stay under their parents guidance. but i am not into marriage. i guess i will leave after finishing my study, may be the country. the people are too conservative and judgmental. who needs those useless gossips anyway!

    so how are you enjoying your vacation so far?
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    Yes, I've got my points and I've passed^^ Now it's time for my master of science degree :D
    Indeed, we need to make that happen :)
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    That's fine, we can talk here.^^
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    Nice! What about it do you find the most interesting?
    What's Psyren about? What genres of manga do you prefer?
    btw sorry for the late reply!
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    thanks for understanding....

    oh. thats great. you are working on the vacation. good luck with that. hope you will have a good time.
    yeah i am having my vacation. but its almost the rainy season... but i am taking some extra classes...but no stress... thats enough i guess...cant have a job like you XD... you are quite lucky... our country doesn't have any job facility for students... and family wont approve either... that pretty much sucks.
    live well. have a nice holiday.
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    Snagging wifi whenever I can. XD
    So you had fun with your friends? That's cool, it's good you get to spend time with them. ^^
    Fire Emblem...I saw some advertisement for it in the Golden Sun box. Oh yeah, I beat Golden Sun. Pretty fun, it was cool. I really liked the puzzles and stuff, even though half the time I wanted to throw my ds against the wall. XD
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    Yea ^^ it was fun to do :p
    Next topic will be testing a new technique to help people to get rid of their stiff and painfull muscles at a quicker rate :p
    It's a manual technique executed by the physiotherapist, quite painfull actually, but the results are amazing :D
    Really exited about that one :D

    Hurray!! congrats :D
    My exams are ending now, 1 July I'll have my results :p (curious, curious)
    I hope I've passed all of it O.o
    Yea.. I can imagine being exhausted, I'm quite exhausted myself :P

    Oh well, when everything is done, we should spam again ^^

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    No the same one.
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    The move is sort of 'eh'. It's been a...learning experience? I guess you can call it that....
    First, the movers sucked. We had people come in to pack, but they didn't know what they were doing and half the time were just running around like chickens without heads. Then they ran the truck into some electric wires, and had to get the wires removed before we could get any stuff on the truck. Some other stuff happened too, but it was so bad you would think I was making it up. I believe that someone in my family is cursed. I don't know who, but I will find out....
    So, the moving to a different place part is cool, everything else is not. Now we are cleaning the empty house. I just spent the whole day weeding the gardens, and that is what I am expected to do tomorrow too. It shall Yes, I will call it fun. Since I'm already feeling sarcastic today. XD
    Lol, how has your week been going?
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    hey it's been forever!
    My email is finally recovered, so hopefully I'll get to talk to you sometime.:~
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    Ugh, my brother sat down and played Soul Calibur with me today. We had about six matches. He won five, I won once. And that was only cuz I was button smashing and using some super duper move neither of us knew how to activate. XD
    Anime...xD I am soooo behind all of the shows I watch. I can't watch anime on my iPad since I need flash, so I need to use the main computer we have. But that's always dying and in use, so I haven't been able to watch anything recently. D: I don't even want to think of how far behind I am. And since we are in the middle of packing up to move, there's no way I'm getting to watch any this summer. So I have to stick with manga~ lol
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    Bioshock 1 was fun, but super scary. I was jumping off the edge of my seat almost all the time. But then again, I am jumping off my seat for most games...
    I started playing Soul Calibur 5 just an hour or two ago. I suck. XD I will be kicking the enemy and then all of a sudden end up on the floor, dying. Guess I have to practice...
    if you like Psyren, I suggest reading Arago. I started reading them at the same time, I loved them both. Maybe you've heard of it?
    No problem~ Whenever I have a page that just won't load on here, I go there. It's really reliable. ^^
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