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    Yeah, that's what I'm busy with.
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    I've been good, a very busy year for me indeed. So what about yourself? How have you been? Anything new?
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    Hey! long time no see!
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    was nice meeting you yesterday. Thanks for the entertainment.
    cheers, DK
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    I'm alright. What are you doing now? The last we spoke, you were about to start at a new job and renovated your room :)
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    Hey :D
    It has been a while. Where to start?
    How are you?
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    Hey, long time no see. How have you been?^^
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    This Sunday i am going to spend my whole day on the beach. wooohooo.
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    Ohh awesome, well last Saturday i went Portsmouth and i also went to the isle of wight with my family including cousins, niece and nephew xD
    oh and i told you i am going to New York, in a couple of weeks :D
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    btw where did you go for vacation?
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    Awesome xD oh someone hacked it im guessing but it doesnt matter i made a new account but i dont really access it much :p
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    Hey!! How are you? Btw i am talking to u here because my account was blocked on MSN :/
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    how are u
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    hey!!! *hugs*
    how have you been? hope all is well!
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    hello!! how are you? :)

    wondering if you'd like to join us in the weekly reading of shoujo manga once more! Trying to revive the FC. Currently we're voting, please drop by to read the announcement in the thread and cast your vote if interested!

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    hi there
    maybe you are interested in this month anime battle
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    *skim over to "I'm writing it before I go to work!"...feel like a boss*
    just say you wanted to say it another time, would be understood :|

    aaaahhh :/ ... jeez! ... I told you tell me about those stuff, not about those! assuming you don't know stuff means, my friend; things go around it; anything that relates to subject" which here means about their social situation in your country and the way of people use in there....your English is not my problem while also not gonna give you further sociology lesson either, sorry :| ... lol

    cause brown makes lines on hair obvious, that's all.
    yeah will do no eye contacts XD ... heard it gives itches :\
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    lol did you had a bad days like me? your VMs took so long.
    you, sir, are a strange phenomenon.
    *you don't say!* well as obvious it is we do have gyms but kendo here?! no way, it's like baseball, it's kinda rare to find such rare sports in certain towns at Asia (...and it isn't europe where you can go anywhere easily)

    okay first with gym now dye, dude use your brain we're same people as anyone: oh yes we dye! no we dye wall with it lol and wow! I thought moms are staying classy...but yours is some kinda emo or cyberpunk or something. I just want to dye my hair for first time dark brown, though I'm great with black.
    hmmm should try eye contact too, is it expensive? I would go for dark blue :D
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    well you saw me, let's see about yours :]
    I thought dutch people are technologically up-to-dated ...what country have most up-to-dated people? is it Sweden?

    well I try to find good things in my life, I traced my name, origin and everything that ran across my life. if you look closely into yours you can see what awesomeness you posess...just look closely.

    yeah :P still tall!
    jiu-jitsu? mine's taekwando; Korean martial art. I really love to attend at kendo but there is none nearby, so I grow old and went somewhere I definitely will try.

    tell me about this dye and contact stuff :D
    no! I meant mixed yellow-white comes insane here :D ... if you catch a pretty, you will rainbow!
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    186 is pine tree O.O you really tall, but I have friends with that height. been in basketball?
    yeah my weight is around 64-66.
    except for light blue, I dislike any light colored eyes, I prefer medium or dark ones, let it be blue, hazel, honey, brown, grey, green. I see like Brits you dutch people have gingers too?! for us turkmens I saw only only a few... we mostly have respectively black, brown, blond hairs and brown, honey and grey eyes and rarely seen other type of color. mixed ones just look crazy! XD ...wish I was more mixed looking, it's normal for middle Asians.
    or you can give me the link to previous pic thread post.
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    fan of cheesy American series, hey? :P

    yoroshikune, kevin-kun. ^^
    good I agree with kind and gentle, no harm seen since, but handsome that I have to see for myself (since I don't know your look) so it's a fitting name.
    Matin is an Asian name, the other meanings are firm, steadfast while another language means gentle, sweet, charming lol

    well you could say "for most"; since they are people like me who aren't fooled by youth.
    you...don't have cellphone? are you joking? (I did!) ...oh and one more thing about oldies: they calm themselves faster and better than youth.
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    real tall? like how tall? mine is 178...and thin? how thin? mine's 64-66...I eat eggs alot to rapidly build the muscles :X
    pretty face and sex appeal? hard to say to who? are you talking about me? :/ anyway your grammar went crazy back there.
    yeah brown eyes are nice, esp. one with depth! they sink you in! just want to keep looking at them, mine is like a mirror, so reflective and shining XD
    well I think I need to see a picture of you to decide...I know guys like you which to my eyes they look normal, don't know about girls view on you.

    all can improve, just take it easy and start little by little. the books are ultimate key.
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    hi, my name is Matin.... so what are you gonna do? :D
    it has three different meaning in three languages of words which I only explain one, french and as you know it means morning as well as rise of sun and this "rising sun" is poetical name of japan, and I love anything that relates me to japan ^^ so brilliant name I have; what about you?

    nice people are nice :| said mister obvious guy should your niceness in action...and I didn't saw anything wrong with you since.

    youth isn't immature nor ignorant, some people improve during those age, remember we have oldies as stupid as hell! and ...wait... I"m 20 so don't excuse your brand new 19; I became 20 just three months ago.
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    you should seriously buy self-help books. you need to take your life more serious (I know you already making lot of fun out of it, so no brotip from me about them at all) the moment you sit back and take third view on your life you'll see. I can't awake you but those books can. and it's all up to you.
    pursuing and trying to be charming is motivation for keep being confident and trying new things, it socially lifts you up and makes you enjoy life socially more since you can read minds.
    unlike what people think, being charming isn't what people think of you but how you think of yourself. no one is that open and smart to admit that you're trying to be pleasant, helpful and open with them but they do acknowledge your acts unconsciously and appreciate it in such unaware way.
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    no one achieves something overnight; you just have to be least in his memory. try to be close to him any time, I mean not to cuddle him every time, you just have to know what he wants to hear from people, what charms him.

    well fancy this laddie, if everything was that easy...well it is...the correct word is, if everything didn't need the effort we all could be perfect in second. wouldn't be that great if just like cars we could go to some place and say "pimp my brain?"
    effort, effort, effort. you know act takes less time than thinking; leave thinking for philosophizing and leave act for achieving.
    such rare phenomenon! anime-watching monster!...and what's so special about doctor who to a dutch boy BTW? well, you should try to have some "valid" achievements, things which relates to your future, helps with the job, personality and generally life.
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    no problem :)
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    noble thinking leads to noble acting.
    behave as such and resist to make yourself low by foolish acts, don't say we're young, cause oldies mostly complain of us because of our acts and you know they are right since most youth just act far too immature.
    look at yourself...say, are you thin? have pretty face? tall? how's your sex appeal? tell me.
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    remember when practicing confidence, you can't be real confidence at fist and let me tell most social skills, you must first fake it to get after some time as real.
    you must act confident and pretend you are confident but don't overplay it and don't come off cocky. just think yourself as a wise calm charming guy, that's all.

    to stop insecurity first stop judging others socially, since insecure people easily judge people and try to be funny by making fun of others lamely... just think nice of people. what insecure people are afraid is greatness and they are harassed by aura of greatness from some guy; you can't beat them, just join them, they can help you on lot of things.
    you must try to be more noble person, think you can have high, profound thoughts not idiotic like southpark and such but like discovery channel.
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