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    Hi! Just wanted to ask you something: did you actually manage to edit a manga (this year) and it saved your changes?
  2. Hey Muse....
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    Hi Steve.
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    Are you still looking after stuff on this site? You're very dedicated Steve. Sorry I haven't been around much, real life and all.
  5. I've been good. You??
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    Hey, how've you been?
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    good... then i can continue without worries... have fun adding all of them :D actually.. there are so many i start to feel sorry for you :D

    done with it after 5.5 hrs... i had some trouble editing after a while so there are some spoilers with nothing in it... and (at least) one manga has a link but no title to it. that one doesn't work, forget to edit it out but as the editing thing doesn't work the way i want it to right now... i leave it to you to not add it :D
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    actually i looked a bit at some manga starting with A last night and the first 5 or i was able to read so i got a bit confused... it's not about downloadable manga but online reading, right? ^^
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    maybe it would good to make the list in alphabetic order or something...
  10. Thanks DC...

    Yes, I'm also well aware on the number of mangas that "down". I don't know what to say anymore to anyone.
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    Happy Birthday
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    That is quite strange. I just use the upload tab on the manga reader home page (not our control panel) and I can manage to upload just fine with all options and such.
  13. I have go through "All Hail Empress Her Majesty" to get an upload screen. Then I can change the title. Nothing comes up for any other title.
  14. No, pretty much most of them, and on different computers.
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    Hi Steve, the uploading seems to be working fine for me. Was it a specific manga that was giving you trouble or all? Try again and let me know if it's still not working.
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    Hey Steve, I seem to have some free time these days so wanted to talk about the hiring of the new manga staff though I wonder if we really need anyone given how our mangareader is a mess right now ._.
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    Doesn't seem to be the case, a different manga also called IS
  18. I've been deleting the comments. I haven't done anything to the mangas.
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    About what exactly.. the people saying their comments are vanishing or the ones about manga still being unreadable?
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    I see.. Nice work :)
    Though I still think we should just be rid of the comments alltogether..
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    Manga comments? I think that might make you the first person to try that :D considering the amount of manga and comment sections it's an almost impossible cleanup..
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    But it says manga staff, right? I merged the titles of super mod and manga mod, kind of felt redundant so now it displays manga reader staff but that means you're both an Smod and a staff for manga.
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    Huh? How so? I am sure nothing was changed.
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    Hey sbur!

    How are you? Yeah, it's unfortunate we are not online at the same time. What's happening with you lately? You've got more runs lined up for next week? :)
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    Hi sburstall, can you please head over to your mangareader controls and check if anything is amiss?
  26. Didn't you read my last post. She's necessary for world domination.
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    i went.... and laughed so hard... xD
    what are u trying to do here? lol
    careful not to get yourself kicked by muse, sbur.... bwahahaha
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    no... why, is there something happening? o.o
    i'll go check it right
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    I can't log in to the remote desktop vin put up for me at all and apparently he's not an easy man to get a hold of and my upload here is 0.56Mbps (declared, not real) so fairly useless....thanks for that ;)
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    Hey, Vin has been difficult tog et hold off lately. I still haven't been able to ask him about adding the delete manga option. The good news is ljetibo is back too so one more manga reader staff that's active. I'm sorry, I haven't had the time to look into that matter of Tokyo Ghoul scan group that you told me about. I shall get to it today or tomorrow.

    Also, please remember to hit view conversation before writing a reply :P
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