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    Heelloo i saw ur pic when u lost weight can u tell me wt u did?
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    I wanted too upload my picture as my avatar. But it keep saying , its too big, while I already made it very small
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    just make sure you have a writing contest ready for november and ill try to participate
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    hey, i sent you a pm :) can you check?
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    I see, hope you find some good mates to band with. I think it's quite important to have something on the side that you absolutely enjoy doing while you work, to unwind and relax. Two jobs! good going, no wonder I see so less of you here :)

    For how long does the probation period last? Haha, nice! Once you're qualified to be an instructor you'd be plenty busy, seeing how the world needs to be badly educated on health and safety these days :b The old job being the one at the Coffee place?
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    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to skullreken again.

    aww dang... :D well I'll remember sooner or later, thanks for the savage eye
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    Ouch, that must have been uncomfortable. Glad to know you're good now. So what's new with you? How's work and everything? Are you still making music? :)
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    Hello! I'm doing good, and yourself? Hope you're all good now. Last we talked, you had an eye infection.
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    what are the rules for the october compition
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    Will there ever be a poetry competition... >.>?
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    Lol, great. I'm not exactly computer savvy to begin with, so I can't really 'trick' my computer into doing things. Oh well, as long as I get at least a month's use of it I will be happy.

    Im working in a garage sale today, I'm surprised by how much people are buying. Didn't know this stuff would be wanted. XD They're all tying to haggle prices down, but I have no change to pay them with. So full price of my already low prices, woohoo~
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    For the most part it's been swell, though this past week i have been sick in bed and missed a ton of work, which sucks even more because I ended up going into the er for basically a very expensive nap that I can't afford. Ah well, what can you do? Otherwise stuff has been going well, getting ready for school to start up again.
    I see that you finished your thesis (congrats!), does that mean you are completely done now?
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    Yowch, so you're pretty busy. Two jobs, one person, and not even a permanent contract. I am sending my sympathy and feels of hard work. >.<

    The computer is prolly around 6 years old, maybe. I dunno why it's acting up, but it has a tendency to just freeze, or shut off. There are tons of colored lines on the screen, I think I was told they're dead pixels or something. It's an older version of the Mac, so I might be able to take it into the Apple store and see if it can be fixed. If it can't, I'll just use it until it dies. It shouldn't be long, lol.
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    Hey Skull. I've been doing pretty well, since I still have summer vacation and so on~ :P I've been lazing about the house doing nothing in particular. My brother decided to give me his (dying) computer, since he's not even here, so I'm gonna try to set it up today and see if it's still useable. Then I have to go to some meeting regarding school, which means I actually have to drag my butt out of the house...xD So I'm starting to get busy again,slowly but surely. How bout you?
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    Hi, Its been a while :)
    How have you been mate ?

    I am doing fine.
    Atm working at the airport on assistant Engineer scale at computer Network
    Still on training period tho :)
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    Oooh! Chinese food is amazing! I just had some for dinner a few nights ago, it was delicious. I absolutely love the white rice~ I could die happy with Chinese food in hand. I wish you luck and good food. XP
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    Lol that's so true. I don't even need that much of my imagination to begin to write that story. I just had to find a way to try to get across that customers can be total butt holes. XD I am going to try to never work in the food industry or retail, just for my sanity's sake.
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    That sounds like an amazing list. It would make the world a better place if every idiot was on that list. And seriously, why would people worry about something small like font, color, and synonyms? That's all a load of crap in my opinion. I understand if someone would say something like "could you correct this mistake?". That's understandable, but to whine about everything else would get on my nerves. *Sigh* Whiny people brings out the worst in me. XD
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    Yup, I'm planning on studying animation in college. I've got a friend who does some animation for shows like Family Guy and stuff, she's gonna help me out. But I might take you up on that offer, thanks! Now I only need a computer instead of this stupid iPad....xD I could actually try beginning to learn how to animate if I had the right far I can only work on improving my drawing skills. :c

    Being a consultant sounds like a good job for people who enjoy helping others. I love to help, dont get me wrong, but I don't think I could deal with the stress of so many people relying on me. And I hate it when people fuss at me, so I'd probably lose my temper a is not the way for me. XD But it's good you enjoy your job, so many people out there don't.
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    Health and safety consultant. Huh. Sounds hard. Is it what you wanna do? It sounds like the kind of job I would be pulling my hair out on. XD I wanna be an animator, but its sort of hard when I don't even have a computer I can use at the moment.
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    Lol, thanks! I think it'll go quick, its not too hard. You might not get to it in time. ^^ you must hurry!! Lol
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    Hello you! How's it going? :)
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    I'll definitely check it out. Been craving to dump my highly polished roleplay and writing skills somewhere!

    How many of the old mods are still around tho?
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    are you planning to make another band or to play in any other band?
    wow you been really busy al these time and i thought i was busy after you finish your degree in health and safety management
    what are you planning to do?
    nice nice im working in a hospital too but like a nurse is kind of hard to work with some kind of people
    you see thinks that you never imagine you would see. isnt that pleasant im about to finish btw just this semester and i will be a professional
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    Hmmm. I see.

    And what I did? Well, I definitely aged a lot from the last time I was spamming out here. Now that I look back at those posts I want to cry out of embarassment because of what I did here. I was such a retarded teenager back then. Yet now, I am in my second year of bachelor studies for international business. I spent a year between school and university all around the Europe spending money and doing nothing really. I got a lot of lessons about life from those moments though.
    Now, I am just studying and working as a sales manager full time (just I got flexible schedule, so I do whatever I want whenever I want as long as I bring in the contracts for the firm). It's a fun life. I met a lot of people, I learned a lot.
    I mostly spend my days watching cooking shows, korean and japanese dramas and roleplaying here and there. Even writing novels and teaching sometimes. Well, a lot of stuff in general!
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    ohh ok well that suck i would had won without a doubt XD
    how you been it been a long time since last time
    how is the band coming along, what about work?
    how is the university what are you studying right now
    cuz im sure that you finish biology i remember that you was saying something about the thesis (it been over a year i know lol)
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    I don't even remember how old I was when I joined this. I remember the glorious days we had that amazing roleplay back here that keeps on lingering in my mind from time to time and cheers me up as I rush to lectures or business meetings. Life! Yet, anything fun going on here now?
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    Emerged. You're still here! I thought most of people back from the day already have left this forum and moved on with their life ;D
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    Question about the one that you have master spammer 2007
    Is there one for 2010 cuz i think i was a awesome soammer that year lol
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    Can you delete 2 thread that i made about the awards i didnt noticed there was one already
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