AnimeA Cafe Rules

General Rules

1. Read the FAQ for explanations on downloads access and many other issues.

2. Ignorance is not an excuse for violating the rules.

3. No Flaming. No Harassing. No trolling. No embarrassing other members.

4. Spam is only allowed in the Fountain Square.

5. Short comments with less than 25 words are counted as in the War of Words.

6. No double-posting.

7. No swearing. It will be consored like this: "****"

8. Explicit topics about Religion, Drugs and Sex are PROHIBITED.

*By SEX that we mean explicit cyber-sex in topics, explicit descriptions, images,etc. By RELIGION we mean no topics advertising your religion or promoting it, or trying to gather other people to join it. And by DRUGS we mean no explicit content about drugs themselves, or posts that would encourage use of such. Those topics may still be discussed in a intelligent manner.

9. No 18+/X-rated/"Mature audiences only" material, and no links to sites with that kind of content (that means hentai, shoutacon and lolicon).

10. Mods keep the right to close any topic if the discussion is getting old and repetative. A topic can be reopened by a PM request to the mod in charge.

11. No advertising / linking to other websites.
We also dislike other forum members trying to steal our members and lure them into their own forums. That includes harassing them via pms, e-mail, on forums or visitor messages.

Useless topics go into the Fountain Square where we allow spam.

13. Do not bother uploaders without a very good reason.

14. Read each forum's rules before posting in it.

15. Do not revive topics that have been inactive for more than 30 days without the moderator's permission.

16. This is an English Language forum. Foreign languages are only allowed in the international area.

17. Don't make more than one account.

18. Read FAQ and Upload Guide before uploading.

19. Please don't write in all capitals (LIKE THIS), or in that strange cap/no-cap method which some people use (LikE ThIs).

20. Art & Literature Forums: 1 topic per art / literary form.

21. Do not start own Contests without mods approval.

22. When making any Requests (mirrors, series, b-day wishes, anything) please state your prefered host.

23. Mods/Staff have the right to ignore any requests / questions if they find that you have not read the Rules and/or FAQ

24. Please do not copy posts/reviews/anything else as your own. If you wish to make a comment on what someone else has said, please use quote to indicate the work is not yours.

Don't share licensed stuff.

Signatures can only have a maximum of 3 visible horizontal images.

Also keep in mind not to have long vertical images in your signature. After those 3 images you may hide the rest of your images in at most two spoilers. Compress your images. PNG is not always the best way to save your sig images, try to use PNG only if you need transparency in your images. Larger images (such as family trees) need to be linked! Do not show the image but link to it.

27. No hentai. That includes links to sites that have henti or any sexual content.

28. Public discussions of staff decisions are not permitted on the site.

29. No direct Linking to Images. (Don't copy images from other forums or sites. Save then and upload them here or at a site such as photobucket.)

(We are still working on these rules. They might change a bit or we might add more. We used to have an outdated set, and now we are trying to put up a new set which is simpler and easier to follow.)

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About AnimeA Cafe

    AnimeA is a forum devoted to Anime (アニメ), Japanese movie and television animation, Manga and all things related. We have a growing friendly community of fans and huge database in our main site and manga reader to meet everybody's needs.