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    The moderating team, reserves the right to edit, close or delete your post and/or thread for any reason that they deem fit without notification. Please do not PM us asking why as explanations are made when a post or thread is modified in any way. Remember that the rules are general guidelines for forum behavior. Though the rules are binding, it is worthless unless common sense and good judgment is exercised.

    First of all: Consider if what you will post can contribute to the discussion at hand.


    Why did you edit/delete my post/thread?
    1. Post is too short.
    2. There is no reason behind it.
    3. Has inappropriate content (e.g. offsite links, cuss words)
    4. Post is Off-topic.

    Why did you close my thread?
    2. Thread is just plain ranting
    3. A discussion already existing beforehand.

    Why did you move my thread?
    1. Posted in the wrong section.
    2. There is no reason behind it.
    3. Has inappropriate content (e.g. offsite links, cuss words)
    4. Post is Off-topic.

    So if you notice that your post/thread has been deleted, contemplate on what you posted and you'll know the reason why.

    Freedom of expression doesn't always mean that you are free to post whatever you want. Be sure that you have taken time to read it before posting. Please post responsibly, don't be a nuisance to members. Keep replies on topic and don't resort to personal attacks.

    Posting Guidelines

    How to make your post and threads not be considered as spam.

    1. Try to not post an one-way question, it should have some room for discussion.
    2. Try to make it longer than 25 words to not be considered as spam.
    3. You should explain yourself. (try giving examples whenever possible)
    4. If you want to post a review of an anime you liked written by yourself, add it to an existing thread.
    5. Must answer the question or topic (if the topic's about a couple, talk about that couple- not some other random couple)
    6. Avoid posting a thread with same content.
    7. Do not say what is already implied. Don't just say, at the end of your post: "Try it out! It's really good!" or "What do YOU think about this manga?"
    8. If you forgot a character's name, just look it up! It makes life so much easier for everybody else rather than them trying to guess who "that person" is.

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