I do not own One piece or any characters in One piece (sadly) but I do own Kizumi. Oh and sorry for the grammar mistakes, i'm really not good at grammar hahaha

Name: Kizumi
Family: Luffy, Ace, Garp, Dragon
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair: short, black, straight down
Eye: black
Occupation: none (until now)
Epithet: none (until now)
Bounty: none (until now)
Devil’s fruit: Haya Haya fruit (speed speed fruit) basically she’s fast, very fast
Wear: Black short, yellow T-shirt with a “K” on the back, a cape with a hood (yellow edge), and a pair of fighting glove

Chapter 1: New nakama

“Luffy” Some one yelled

Luffy saw a person flying from the sky to the Going Merry. A girl that came down from the sky hit him in the head with a stick when she touched the ground.

“AHHHHH…. It hurts….. AH, what was that for?” Said Luffy in pain while he was touching his head, trying to make the pain go away. Every members of the Straw-hat pirate turned in fighting position, except for Sanji because he was cooking inside.

“ That’s for leaving with out telling me, baka” The girl stand up and give Luffy a grin. The pirate crews looked at each other with a confusing look.

Luffy stood up and looked at the girl, he released that she is his little sister. “Kizumi? It’s been so long, how did you get here? Guys I want you to meet Kizumi….” He said but he stopped when Kizumi hit him in the face with the stick again.

“I can introduce myself, ” she said with an angry voice and then she changed the tone “My name is Kizumi, I’m Luffy little sister. I believe you all been taking care of my brother?” She said with a grin on her face. Every one else looked at each other, not believing that this is Luffy’s sister and said “yes”. Kizumi bowed down and with her lovely voice, she said “Thank you all, it must be a tough time for you” every one else nodded.

Sanji from the kitchen walked and saw a cute girl, his eyes turned in to heart shape and he ran to her and said “would you like a cup of high class tea? My little princess” he was holding a cup of tea. Kizumi said “thank you”. Nami walked to Sanji and said “she’s Luffy sister” Sanji fell down with his face on the ground said “how does that make any sense?” Everybody else nodded.
Kizumi turned to Luffy, she was crying and she said “I fin-finally found yo-you. You don’t know how-how hard it has been fo-for me. I ca-cant believe this is ha-happening, I missed you s-so much” she cried out, all the tears ran down her face and to Luffy’s shoulder as she hugged him. Luffy held his sister and said “It’s all that matter now is that we are together, would you like be my nakama and stay with me? I’ll take care of you” Zoro nodded, Nami said “it would be lot’s of fun”, Ussop and Chopper danced and cheered, Sanji with hearts in his eyes “Melody- Melody”. Kizumi was so happy that she nodded right away. Nami said “let me introduce you to every one, I’m Nami, they are Zoro, Sanji, Usopp and Chopper” as she pointed at every single members.

Then the marines were coming, blocking them from every direction, Kizumi said “Thank you for letting me join the crew, now it’s my turn to show my gratitude” as she jump up and down many times really fast that everyone saw her legs were stand still. Kizumi jump the last time as she flew up to the sky and landed on one of the marines ship. “Haya Haya sai, A million punchs” she said while her fist punched the ship as fast as light. The ship suddenly turned in two pieces as she jumped back to Luffy’s ship. Every one amazed by how strong she was.

Mean while on Hina’s ship, she had captured Mr.2 (a man who saved Straw hat crew from the marine but got captured), she said “they got away again? A girl saved them ha? Who is she?”

Return back to our main characters, Luffy yelled “wow, you’re amazing” as Kizumi smiled back. Then suddenly a woman walked out from a room said “we finally got out of the island” every one else with their mouths on the ground. Zoro said “come here for revenge?” he took his katana out, Nami said “Why are you here?” she was touching her head because she hit something while being shock. Usopp was yelling “take cover, take cover” as chopper was running around. Kizumi was smiling and wondering what was going on.

The woman said “don’t you remember what you did to me?” Luffy said “I don’t know what are you talking about, what do you want?” she answered “Allow me to be your nakama” Luffy said “ok” that made every one shock and they turned in to stone. They yelled “Luffy” and he said “don’t worry, she’s not a bad person”. Kizumi without knowing what was going on, said “Hi mysteries-chan” The woman said “I’m Nico Robin, nice to meet you” she smiled. Every one except for Kizumi and Robin was hitting and kicking Luffy.

A little while later, Usopp was interrogating Robin while Chopper, Luffy and Kizumi was watching. Usopp said “What’s your specialty?” Robin said with a lovely voice, trying to be cute “Assassination”. Usopp turned to Luffy crying “Luffy, she’s too dangerous to hire” as he saw Luffy and Chopper was laughing because of Robin hands were tickling them. Nami tried to be tough and said that if Robin does anything suspicious she’ll kick her out. Robin putted a bag on the table and said “I brought along some Crocodile’s jewels” Nami was like a cat getting her milk and said “I love you, onee-sama”. Usopp and Zoro were looking at her and said “Oi oi oi oi” as they said something else. Then come Sanji with snack dishes on his hand and gave it to Robin, He was definitely agreed with robin joining the crew. Then Luffy called Usopp and said “ Chopper” with two of Robin power hands on his head. Zoro was then the last one against Robin to join the crew.

Kizumi walked to Zoro and said “I don’t think she’s that dangerous is she? She looks friendly and everyone love her” and she grin at Zoro. He with an angry face yelled “what do you know? You just joined the crew, stay out of my business” in a loud and angry voice and walked away, leaved Kizumi alone not knowing what she did to made him mad. She smiled at every one else but they all known that she was sad. Dinnertime, Kizumi was definitely Luffy’s sister because she ate as much as Luffy did. Nami said “Do you have any kind of power, Kizumi? From the devil’s fruits?” Every one else looked at Kizumi wondering the same thing. Kizumi looked at every one else and said “yes, I ate the haya haya fruit, it made me really fast” and she ran a round, took Usopp fruit in a second. Everyone clapped their hands and laughing as Usopp was trying to take the fruit back. Robin asked the young girl “how do you eat so much when you have more curves than me and Nami?” while Nami was nodding, the teen answered “I don’t know”. Sanji said with hearts in his eyes “It’s natural beauty, Kizumi-swann” as Nami and Robin laugh made the little girl redden her face. Usopp said “maybe you want learn how to fire a cannon tomorrow?” as Kizumi answered “Really? Thank you so much, Usopp-kun” and she hugged Usopp every one else laughed. Kizumi suddenly stopped eating and she asked “where is Zoro-kun?” Nami said “He has to take my watch in the bird nest because he own me money from before”. Kizumi stood up as she took Zoro plate and putted foods in there. Every one was shock when they noticed that it was all Zoro favorites foods on the dish.

The girl brought the dish to the bird nest and gave it to Zoro as she was sitting on the opposite side of the bird nest. “Is swordsman-kun still mad at me because of earlier?” She said with a said voice. Zoro was shocked because he thought that she would be mad at him and not talking to him for days. He said “No, I’m sorry for this morning, I didn’t meant to make you sad” Kizumi said “I’m glad” as she moved next to Zoro and putted her head on Zoro shoulder and slept. Zoro turned his face red and said “what are you…” He released that she didn’t know that if he was some normal pervert, she would be in danger. Zoro was kind of liking this feeling as he eat the food she picked for him.