Hey there, I come to you guys with the news of a new site called AniChanted!

We're a small community where all can discuss the common interest in all things otaku and more!

We just started up in late Feb. so we're sill in our toddler stage of forum life!

I hope you all will come check us out: http://anichanted.net/forum/forum.php

We have some fifty featurs such as member tagging (like you see on twitter @) and quote notifications, so you''ll never be lost when someone is trying to converse with you.

We also have vBShop that provides username changes, username effects, usertitle effects, and more!

We have a lovely shoutbox that members love to chill and have light conversation in and keeps you updated on the latest threads!

I hope you all check us out and enjoy your stay <3

I'm sure Enchanted (that's me) will help make you feel at home ^^