I know there aren't a lot of people that come by the IY threads much on this forum, but I started this in my other forum under the name Higurashi Kagome...and got it set-up as an official pinned thread by one of the mods...So-I figured what the hey? I'll try it here too. Just alter the name from Kagome to Kikyou. Lol. Anyway-This is how it works:

You ask any question about the Inuyasha series and I will answer it! The rules of this thread are simple enough, just follow them and we'll be great:

1. Only Inuyasha related questions! All others will be ignored and reported for spamming.
2. *Preferably* keep the questions involving personal opinion out. I'm not out to hurt anyone's feelings, or change viewpoints with this! But I will try to answer them if they are posted.
and the all important:

And that's it! So-ask away people, Kikyou will be all to glad to respond! ;D