Codename: Outkaust
RPC Name: Heinrich Severloh
DOB: June 23, 1923
Age: 19
Body type: Muscular, fair skinned, dark hair
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Blue


Heinrich Severloh a soldier in the German 352nd Infantry Division, which was stationed in Normandy in 1944. He was posted as an mg42 gunner in a bunker above the beach called (KM 62) “Widerstandsnest 62”, this postion covered a large section of the water line and the sand , but was very difficult to assualt from the beach , thus giving good cover and providing agood field of fire,from this position allowed him to(allegedly) kill or injure 2000-2500 American soldiers caught whilst landing during Operation Overlord, He was and continues to be known as the “Beast of Omaha Beach”

He manned his post for 9 hours , firing about 12500 mg 42 rounds (total allocated for that position) and about 1000 rounds via his and captured american rifles and being one of the last germany soldiers still defending the beach head defenses.


Primary Stationed weapon: WN 62 [Widerstandsnest 62]

Consists: 75mm or greater artillery, 35 pillboxes with machine guns or artillery, 18 anti-tank guns, six mortar pits, 35 rocket launcher sites and 85 machine gun nests.

Other Armaments: two 50mm anti-tank guns, two 50mm mortars and a double barreled anti-aircraft gun (MG34), MG42 and two water-cooled Polish machine guns model 1917 on 06-06-1944

Main Weapon (above ground): MG-42
Variants: MG 45/MG 42V, MG 1, MG 2, Rheinmetall MG 3, M53, MG 74
Weight: 11.57 kg
Length: 1,120 mm
Barrel Length: 533 mm
Cartridge: 7.92 x 57mm Mauser
Action: Recoil-operated, roller-locked
Rate of fire: 1,200 rounds/min
Effective range: 1000m

Sidearm: Sauer 38H
Weight: 705 g (24.9 oz)
Length: 171 mm (6.7 in)
Barrel length 83 mm (3.3 in) (SP 2340, SP 2009, SP 2022)
91 mm (3.6 in) (SPC 2009)
Sights: Fixed iron sights, front—blade, rear—notch
Cartridge: .32 ACP (7.65x17mm Browning SR)
Action: Straight blowback

Equipment: Einstossflammenwerfer 46, WSR wz.1932 gas mask, eather ammo pouches, wz.1938 canteen, wz.1931 mess kit, owijacze, GR-31 grenade- frag, GR-31 greande- concussion, 7,92 mm ammo clips, wire cutting shears, headphones, protective goggles, aryngophone, eather holster for Luger P-08 pistol, M-31 Meldetasche- map pouch and Zeiss 6x30 binoculars.

Elite sniper
Elite gunman