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The term supernatural refers to entities, events or powers regarded as beyond nature, which lack a clear, scientific explanation. Stories tagged with “supernatural” label often include different types of “mediums” as a main characters, surrounded by [and often fighting with] numerous ghosts, demons, monsters, or occult groups


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# Type Last episode
11eyes   Serie12
12 Kingdoms   Serie45
A Type Last episode
A Cheeky Angel   Serie50
Air the Movie (Licensed)  Movie1
Air TV - Summer Special   Serie2
Amaenaideyo   Serie12
Amaenaideyo Katsu   Serie12
Amaenaideyo Katsu Special   Special1
Amaenaideyo Special   Special1
Amatsuki   Serie13
Angel Beats!   Serie13
Angel Cop   OVA6
Angel Sanctuary   OVA3
Angels Feather   OVA2
Anime Tenchou   OVA1
Ao no Exorcist   Serie25
Arakawa Under the Bridge   Serie13
Asatte no Houkou   Serie12
Asura Cryin' 2   Serie13
Ayakashi   Serie12
Ayakashi - Japanese Classic Horror   Serie11
Ayashi no Ceres   Serie24
B Type Last episode
Babel II Beyond Infinity (Licensed)  Serie13
Baccano! (Licensed)  Serie13
Bakemonogatari   Serie15
Bakuen Campus Guardress   OVA4
Bannou Yasai Ninninman   Special1
Basilisk (Licensed)  Serie24
Beelzebub   Serie60
Berserk (Licensed)  Serie25
Berserk: Ougon Jidai Hen (Licensed)  Movie3
Black Rock Shooter   OVA1
Blade   Serie12
Blade of the Immortal   Serie13
Bleach (Licensed)  Serie366
Bleach Diamond Dust Rebellion (Licensed)  Movie1
Bleach Memories in the Rain   OVA1
Bleach Memories of Nobody   Movie1
Bleach The movie: The Sealed Sword Frenzy (Licensed)  Special1
Bleach: Jigokuhen (Licensed)  Movie1
Blood Lad (Licensed)  Serie10
Blood+   Serie50
Blood-C (Licensed)  Serie12
Blood: The Last Vampire   Movie1
Blue Dragon   Serie51
Blue Seed Beyond (Licensed)  OVA3
Boogiepop Phantom (Licensed)  Serie12
Bottle Fairy   Serie13
Brave Story   Movie1
Busou Renkin   Serie26
C Type Last episode
CANAAN (Licensed)  Serie13
Capricorn   OVA1
Card Captor Sakura   Serie70
Carnival Phantasm   OVA12
Chibi Devi!   Serie15
Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation (Licensed)  Serie12
Clannad (Licensed)  Serie22
Clannad ~AFTER STORY~ (Licensed)  Serie24
Claymore (Licensed)  Serie26
Code-E   Serie12
Code:Breaker (Licensed)  Serie13
Colorful (Movie)   Movie1
Cossette no Shouzou (Licensed)  OVA3
Cutey Honey   Serie25
Cutey Honey F   Serie39
D Type Last episode
D.Gray-man (Licensed)  Serie103
D.N.Angel (Licensed)  Serie26
Da Capo   Serie26
Da Capo 2   Serie26
Da Capo SS   Serie26
Darker than black (Licensed)  Serie25
Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini (Licensed)  Serie12
Deadman Wonderland (Licensed)  Serie12
Death Note (Licensed)  Serie37
Demonbane   Serie12
Denshin Mamotte Shugogetten!   OVA8
Descendants of Darkness   Serie13
Devil May Cry (Licensed)  Serie12
Devil Survivor 2 The Animation   Serie13
Diabolik Lovers   Serie12
Dog Days   Serie13
Dragon Ball Kai (Licensed)  Serie98
E Type Last episode
E's Otherwise (Licensed)  Serie26
Elfen Lied (Licensed)  Serie13
Ergo Proxy (Licensed)  Serie23
F Type Last episode
Fate stay night: Unlimited Blade Works   Movie1
Fate zero   Serie13
Fate Zero (2012)   Serie12
First Squad: The Moment of Truth   Movie1
Fruits Basket (Licensed)  Serie26
Full Moon wo Sagashite   Serie52
Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa (Licensed)  Movie1
G Type Last episode
Ga-Rei: Zero (Licensed)  Serie12
Gakuen Senki Muryou (Licensed)  Serie26
Gantz (Licensed)  Serie26
Get Backers (Licensed)  Serie49
Ghost Hound (Licensed)  Serie22
Ghost Hunt (Licensed)  Serie25
Ghost Talker`s Daydream   OVA4
Ginban Kaleidoscope   Serie12


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