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The word “yuri” literally means “lily”, which is relatively common Japanese feminine name. In the anime/manga context it’s used to describe stories involving love between women. It can focuses on both, the sexual and the emotional aspects of the relationship. Unlike yaoi, in most cases yuri includes solid plots and characters development.


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B Type Last episode
Brother, Dear Brother   Serie39
C Type Last episode
Candy Boy   Serie7
K Type Last episode
Kanamemo   Serie12
Kannazuki No Miko (Licensed)  Serie12
M Type Last episode
Mnemosyne (Licensed)  OVA6
N Type Last episode
Naruto Shippuuden: Picture Drama: Shippuu! Konoha High   Special1
P Type Last episode
Pretty Cure Splash Star   Serie49
S Type Last episode
Sasameki Koto   Serie13
Strawberry Panic   Serie26
V Type Last episode
Venus Versus Virus (Licensed)  Serie12
Y Type Last episode
Yuri Seijin Naoko-san   OVA1
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