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InuYasha by scylar

“among the all time bests, a genious story line and true masterpiece action”
inuyasha takes us to a medieval era ruled by swords, demigods and demons where human species is insignificant in power compared to such supernatural beings.

simultaneously a parallel Japanese modern world is shown where a girl toggles between the two worlds and ages.

Forget the girl, its the main character of inuyasha thats captivating. he is a very powerful demon yet he and his other friends (including the girl) fight other demons with both brute and amazing powers.

But the most majestic, royal and grand character is of inuyashya's elder brother sashomaru whose power is unmatched by any other demon living or dead. Only the main villain naraku is comparable in power to him.

Guys, this is among the best action adventure that i have ever seen. unlke other action series this one stands apart in one key factor. and thats the superb storyline that it has.

hope you all enjoy.

- scylar
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InuYasha: among the all time bests, a genious story line and true masterpiece action

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