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Naruto Shippuuden by solomon1234

“i love naruto”
ilike naruto very much.i mostly like rasengan,rasen-shurigan,the 9 tail beast inside naruto,shadow clones etc in naruto.i like the episode in which naruto throw his rasan-shurigan on kabuzu(one of the akatsuki)but i also like others like sakura,hinata,neji,shikamaru,itachi etc.but i should thank to sasuke because of his fault all this episodes are here.and i hear that orichimaru would take sasuke's body at any time and then itachi will fight against orichimaru in some time i however saw it manga.i think all of you should also watch manga to watch naruto's growth.
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Naruto Shippuuden: i love naruto

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  • #1 - posted by chrisd69 on 01.15.09 @ 9:36AM
    naruto would be better if the fight scenes were not so damn long its why i lost interest in dragon ball and yu yu hakusho
  • #2 - posted by BankaiSword on 02.05.09 @ 6:41PM
    thats true. it took 3-4 eps for naruto and sakuras fighting with kakashi -_-
  • #3 - posted by bhagirath09 on 07.03.09 @ 7:45AM
    can you help me to download more episodes of naruto shippuden please!

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