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Death Note by xjacqi123x

“What can you say about Death Note...?”
Well, the bottom line is- it rocks.

[b]The Sound [/b]
I personally love all the epic music, although at times it may seem a little misplaced XD The first opening and endings fit really well, whilst the second open/closers adapt to the changes in the anime and live up to the dark and twisted feel of the show. (I personally love OP/ED 2, However I have to admit they won't be everyones cup of tea as they are quite... um...)

The animation is beautiful. The backgrounds are detailed, the colour schemes are good and the characters look great.
Not really anything to fault here.

The Story is unique, intriguing and very gripping. Its a dark, twisted, pschological mystery story, with a small dash of comedy.
The best thing, in my opinion, about the story, is that there is no 'goodie' and there is no 'baddie'. Just two people with different views, both fighting for one thing: Justice. This is what sets it aside from other animes. Also, it isn't really gender specific, although it is [i]technically[/i]. If you're into this genre then boys AND girls will absolutley love it (and the fangirls will go all wiggly over L X3)

The characters in death note are interesting and well developed characters, each with their own little defining quirks. Male dominance in this series so the fangirls can have their pick :P
What really works with this series is that the characters aren't 'average'.
An 'average' student picked up a notebook of death?
A highly intelligent, justice filled, headstrong student, who's willing to make a change to the world, picks up a notebook of death?
Yes, I agree the second option sounds MUCH more interesting.

No more to say.
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  • #1 - posted by probono on 01.13.09 @ 10:33PM
    Ending absolutely sucks.For the great course of the story, it should ended at first part.This was too good anime to be ended like that and deserves to be continued. I have a feeling that the same person who worked on story of Death Note lifted his finger into Gantz as well.

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