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Naruto by saya01

“Mind-blowing and inspirational anime which makes you sorry for Naruto!”
After watching Naruto I felt that the characterisation of Naruto is very realistic which make the anime great. During my time watching the series I understood how Naruto felt because I think that I'm similar to him and it brought many memories of childhood, when I was a loser. I usually think to myself and wished that I was in the Naruto world, if this place did exsist. In my opinion the anime is very inspiring to children and adults, including myself, and the creators should be pleased for producing this anime.
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Naruto: Mind-blowing and inspirational anime which makes you sorry for Naruto!

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  • #1 - posted by Luffys_Queen on 04.26.09 @ 9:15AM
    This is one of my favorite animes I've ever seen/read. I like/love almost all of the characters (even the bad guys except for Orochimaru and Zetsu. I can't bring myself to like them. Orochimaru is too disgusting. And Zetsu is too weird). The anime has some great fights and the characters really interact great with eachother. It's a definate watch for anyone teenager or adult.

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