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Naruto Shippuuden by mywayoftheninja

“Naruto: Reviewed”
Naruto has become one of the most well known Japanese animated series to come out, next to other mainstream series like Death Note, Dragon Ball Z and Bleach.

People have seemed to look down on Naruto, however since it has become too mainstream and that some characters (such as Naruto) are dressed oddly, and do not align correctly with Japanese Lore, like Ninjas wearing only black. However, if you look past this, each characters features and clothes reflect their personality and there's a sense of heavy symbolism in Naruto (Example, Sasuke wears dark clothing and has black hair, it reflects his dark, morbid personality, where as Naruto is the alternative). There is a good vs evil theme going on throughout the show.

Firstly, if you haven't watched the original first series, it would be best if you do, since it explains every characters back story and the storyline in general leading up to Shippuuden.

The first significant change you see in Shippuuden is the amount of maturity level in the themes. The first series was aimed for young children to teenagers, however Shippuuden is purely aimed for teenagers to young adults.

Naruto has grown mentally and physically, and the situations he has to deal with are much, much more heavier than in the first series.

The soundtrack in Shippuuden has changed a lot too. A lot of more 'serious' sounding music has been put in place and matches the episodes perfectly. However one thing I had found is that some of the music sounds similiar to one another.

I gave the animation a 7, simply because in some episodes, especially the fillers, the drawing and animation is inconsistent. One scene Naruto will look stick-thin, then a second later he will look like he had gained 100 kilo's. It's not as good as some other anime's out there, but it's still somewhat acceptable.

I gave the storyline a 10. What can I say? One of the best in-depth and complex storylines out there. There's always something you missed which would be a vital part of the storyline. Every feature is explained in full detail. Even down to showing the feelings of the characters and the emotions is shown clearly and how they re act to certain topics. That is why I also gave the characters a 10.

The enjoyment I gave a 9, but it's a much better improvement than the original Naruto, where there were so much fillers.

Overall I give Naruto Shippuuden a 9/10, it's not an anime to be missed.
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Naruto Shippuuden: Naruto: Reviewed

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