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Death Note by CrazyFangirlTori

“Death Note is Absolutely Brilliant”
Light Yagami got the power to kill anyone he knew the name and face of, just by discovering the "Death Note" by chance. With a shinigami by his side and a strong sense of 'justice' he uses who new 'toy' to kill criminals. As he starts killing large amounts of people, the Japanese Officials begin to notice. So does the public, they nickname him "Kira" after the English word "Killer".
L[Ryuzaki] the antagonist of the story, an unknown detective figure who has solved the world's greatest mysteries, gets involved and along with Japan's National Police Agency [NPA], begins to go on a psychological journey in order to find Kira. Little did they know he is lurking right under their noses. Light Yagami and Ryuzaki are in countless feuds, both being very intelligent. The question was, who is going to slip?

This anime was like nothing I had ever seen before. Unlike many animes out there, this had substance and a complex plot. The character development is amazing, all the characters have their own unique personalities that make the story even more interesting and likable. Everything flows and the plot keeps you guessing on what is going to happen. This anime is enjoyable to a wide amount of groups, from young people to older people. I believe that overall, this anime was the best I have seen yet.
The psychological elements of this anime makes it very realistic and relatable but still has it's anime twists. It is not all completely serious, it also has it's humor.
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Death Note: Death Note is Absolutely Brilliant

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