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Bleach by Hirayuki

“what you don't know , doesn't eventually kill you ;)”
- Bleach is the second anime i've watched , && Tite Kubo ; you're so great !
- Bleach is superb , because there's still a lot sense of humour from each of the character esp Kurosaki Ichigo , eventhough the story centers about fighting and everything . mybe that's what made it so great in the first place .
- i love stories about adventure && fightings , so this is the my best fit . i mean , experiencing afterlife when you are currently alive . how great is that ? :D
- not much to say , but it's a wonderful anime .
- i always look forward for it
- thank you , Tite Kubo !
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Bleach: what you don't know , doesn't eventually kill you ;)
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