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Naruto by ZeeDraGon

“Naruto - The truth”
It's no secret - to be a Naruto fan, you have to be a generally patient person. The first season progresses slowly, though I think that's more to get the audience attached to the current team 7 and to get to know the characters. Even if it takes almost ten episodes to get rid of one annoying ninja, it's fun watching them fall at the very end - the part where every Otaku for Naruto can start breathing again and sigh out of relief.

The main character, Naruto (I won't lie) annoys the living shit out of me as well as Sakura ...and Sasuke too for that matter. It's actually ingenious when you think about it, because once Sasuke leaves and Team 7 temporarily separates (in a matter of speaking), you get why they stuck out with each other for so long. They're all annoying, but you like 'em anyway.

I'd say this is only a warm-up for the Shippuden, which dominates the Naruto franchise. Not only do all the characters return better than ever, but certain things are set straight. Now, looking back at the first Naruto, it's incredible to see how the story has progressed. From the characters themselves, to new ones popping out from nowhere. Around every corner there's a new plot twist or some unknown jutsu the otaku's take note of the minute it's explained - Narupedia has never been more advanced.

The animation, once again, is more dominating in the Shippuden than the first Naruto setting. The animators coped well though - Gaara and Naruto's fight impressed me a lot.

The music? Sadness and Sorrow top at my Most Listened list on my Ipod. The rest are all Shippuden soundtracks.

I won't lie again - Naruto has earned an incredible fanbase over the years. It's only other competition would be Harry Potter or some other Hocus Pocus series. Even Dragonball Z fans are in hiding because Ninjas are taking over.

My advice? Watch Naruto JUST so you can follow the Shippuden without confusion - then you're having a real party.
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Naruto: Naruto - The truth

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