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Tengen Toppa Gurren-lagann by HitsuToushirou

“Tengen Topp Gurren-Lagann (Yeah You're watching the same anime)”
This is a retorting review to another that I previously came upon, originally concocted by MugoUrth, (located: I couldn't write a comment on their page so I instead chose to review this as a counter opinion/review of it.

In sharp contrast, despite what you might read from the provided link, Gurren Lagann is one of those grand anime's that come around, and it's hard for the lesser folk to understand its worth. We are introduced to humanity in peril as they have been driven underground by a clan of "Beastmen" who seem to rule the surface. It's your typical genre of action and mecha which I find quite pleasing, not because it uses cliche and mediocrity as we see in other anime: rather, it's the fact that it makes fun of the mecha/shounen genre itself.

Some people don't seem to get that there's a lot of merit in this. We see examples of it when they use overly worn cliched battle language (even going so far as to making Kamina's sword seem longer as he draws it from its sheath in one scene: priceless satire)!

People love it so much because it's pokes fun at itself while still introducing a new interesting concept. Who else would think of a clever way to use drills? It really isn't an "anime for five year olds," as some others have chosen to tag this series, in fact it has a really great adult-message (maybe even kids could appreciate it too), even if it is put in some cliched action lines, to "pierce the heavens with your mighty drill." Gurren Lagann, is a reinforcement to push forward and to do what you need to in your daily life (in comparison with the troubles the protagonist Simon has to deal with).

First timer's may have to stomach through the first five episodes before coming to any real plot. (They are a little long and arduous but bear with it: it's worth it). It's also surprisingly deep and casts a solid shadow in relaying a message to its audience about Simon and his plight to find some worth in the world other than being just a simple "digger." In fact, it's quite like FLCL in a way (after you've watched FLCL the sixth time through) and is another one of Gainax's unique takes on a tale of "coming of age." (That being said though: the folks who didn't like the presentation for FLCL will probably not like Gurren Lagann).

Frankly I love the absurdity that Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann has to offer. We see great character growth, have some good laughs. For folks looking for a mix of action, drama and comedy, definitely check this one out. I can elaborate more but I'd spoil it for you!
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Tengen Toppa Gurren-lagann: Tengen Topp Gurren-Lagann (Yeah You're watching the same anime)

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