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Mirai Nikki (2011) by korina92

“Enjoyable anime with good story turnovers!”
It's a nice story about a guy named Yukiteru, who is very asocial and hasn't got many friends, which is a common problem for teenagers nowadays. Yukiteru keeps his diary logs in a mobile phone and has imaginary friends. One of those imaginary friends (Deus ex Machina) is a god of time and space himself. Hating to see Yukiteru in such miserable state, Deus creates a game in which only one person can win and take his place after his time has run out. He gives certain characters including Yukiteru power to receive text messages from the future, and based on those texts they are bound to win the game. This is the base of the plot.
The plot is not linear, as many scenes from the past are inserted to draw attention and make the story conceivable. As you follow the story, there are many unexpected turnovers which make you want to watch more and more. Also, anime has only 26 episodes, which makes it interesting and satisfying. However, the end of the anime might not appeal to everyone, which is up to watchers to decide. Personally, I liked it because it has deeper meaning that some might say.
While watching, it reminded me of Death Note, although the main characters are much more different. As Light in Death Note tends to establish justice and order based on his beliefs, Yukiteru is much more apathetic and often has no personal opinion. That's where Yuno comes in, giving him support and extracting his real self from a shell. Compared to Yuno, Misa from Death Note has no other relevant traits apart from her love for Light.

To sum up, it is definitely anime worth watching and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of similar stories like Death Note and this one in particular.
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Mirai Nikki (2011): Enjoyable anime with good story turnovers!

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