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Berserk by saxx

“WOW watch this while you still have a pulse”
Berserk follows the life of Gatts, or Gutts(whatever version you watch). It takes place in medeval europe. This story focuses on the relationship between gatts and griffith. gatts is a character whose rough life has renderd him a rather angry individual griffith is a character who has a sense of entitlement uncomparable to anyone. He is seen as the destined one by his friends his only goal is to obtain a kingdom of his own and he is willing to do ANYTHING for that. Gatts unwillingly joins griffith crew of mercernary with this introduction griffith crew gets a great reputation and eventually obtains the title of royal guard making them semi-nobles. The story becomes very interesting toward the end but ill stop here. This anime has only one fault and that is its music though its accurate for the anime its not very good. Also its animation happens to be a victim of the times, although its very gordy, sooo if you dont like blood watch it anyway. This anime is the predecessor to animes like gungrave, and somewhat cowboy bebop. The story of a rough individual who joins a crew and everyone in the crew has a very interesting history. This story magically mixes action, romance as well as sci-fi. The characters of this anime are very interesting. The author Kentarou Miura has no other notable animes but this is a classic, i thought about this anime months after watching, it introduced me to the world of manga just because i ws so curious as to everything that happened. This is possibly one of the best animes ever created. Like my intro says watch this while you still have a pulse.
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  • #1 - posted by zolyja on 08.12.08 @ 10:46PM
    ahhhhh whean is the new BERSERK ep is out? PLZZZZZZ tell me This anime is ~AWESOME~
  • #2 - posted by naruto1991 on 08.29.08 @ 2:47AM
    i did t watch this anime but i download allmost it. now i see,its rely AWESOME thnks
  • #3 - posted by looser990 on 09.01.08 @ 1:48PM
    i think that berserk has ended...
  • #4 - posted by Trowen on 09.02.08 @ 6:24PM
    Trust me guys, I don't read manga often, but the manga of Berserk is way better, this anime series is just a short 'chunk' taken out of the manga and it's stripped of alot of the fantasy elements that are in the manga, like The Skull Knight and Puck, which is a fairy he saved in Vol.1 in that tavern, instead of the little girl on the anime. The manga deals alot more with the post-anime Gutts, The Black Swordsman and shows what happens after the Eclipse. If you can find it, get the manga, it is still on going, but the anime is over. This is coming from some one who doesn't read much manga.
  • #5 - posted by Supah on 12.08.08 @ 4:02PM
    are any of the uploaded berserk videos english dubbed? cause i cant find an english dub vid without haveing to deal with my worst enemy mkv/ogm formats

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