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Samurai Champloo by saxx

“Taking Hip-Hop to another Level.”
Samurai Champloo is absolutely amazing, the characters, the story more importantly THE SOUNDTRACK. The story follows Jin, Mugen, and Fuu in search of Fuus father 'the samurai who smells like sunflowers'. This anime basically follows the life of their disfunctional group. Jin and Mugen made a deal with Fuu, and enetually owe her thus they agree to help he although try on a couple of occasisons they attempt to leave her, but life pushes them back together. The animation is incredibly different in this aniem but works very well with the entire style of the anime, most people underestimate the concept of Style but this anime takes advantage of this. The characters are addictivel interesting, mugen is a charcater who very rough around the edges and only searches for good opponents to fight, Jin is a very mysterious, and quiet character who incredibly apt at fighting. Fuu is an orphen who no pushover herself. The music in this anime is absolutely amazing, there is no soundtract on par with this one it has a very fresh hip-hop sound to it, the ending theme shika no uta is remarkable the concept of japanese women singing in a r+b and also rapping, plus doing this in Japanese most people would laugh at this but Mnmi did it and did it VERY WELL. The entire soundtrack is just as that performers doing what they streotypically should not be able to do and doing it very well. I never thought i would here someone rap in Japanes and enjoy it at that. The author Shinchiro Watanabe is responsible for Cowboy bebop and he follows the recipe of different individuals solving similar goals, Watanabe obviously has an ear for good music (Yoko Kanno). This anime is certainly took hip-hop to another level.
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