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InuYasha by saxx

“Colossal Disappointment ”
I must say that there has always been anime that upon its release experience high expectations, it may be because of its producer, or its writer, for example Samurai 7 which was produced by GONZO off a very popular movie of the same name this anime had high expectations, also some anime have high expectations purely due to the siz of it such as DBZ 220+ episodes, or Naruto 220+ episodes. Inuyasha falls into BOTH catagories its author Rumiko Takahashi happens to be one of the wealthiest women in Japan with worldwide attention to her works, she's responsible for the massively popular maison ikkou and not to mention RANMA 1/2. Sadly enough inuyasha only managed to be a major dissappointment. Inuyasha follows the life of half demon Inuyasha and human kagome, they meet accidentally and through merely coincident kagome happens to be a reincarnation of a powerful priestess kikyo who happens to be inuyasha's ex-girlfriend, or something like that. They meet because kagome inherited the shikon jewel and is transported to the fuedal era and faces a large demon centipede and unseals inuyasha, who slays the centipede he eventually attempts to take the jewel from kagome, in the in-fighting the jewel eventually is splintered into alot of pieces and spread throughout the land. The story now follows them as they attempt to unify all the shards of shikon jewel. They gather a monk miroku who happens to have a wind tunnel in the palm of his hand this tunnel sucks in anything nearby, it apparently will suck in the user in due time the tunnel was placed in by naraku the main villian.(Also they are joined by a fox demon who proved to be only an annoyance). Also a demon hunter sango joins them she belongs to a mercernay family specialized in exterminating demons, her family was mysteriously killed of, by one of naraku the main villian. The storyline is sounds good, but its FILLED WITH FILLER'S, the entire anime is FILLER this anime could be condensed from 167 episode to probably 25. This makes the anime incredibly hard to watch, also with the exception of inuyasha the characters disply little or no growth. The characters are also very very repetitve with the exception of inuyasha's brother sesshomaru and inuyashas rival koga the cast is completely uninteresting. The one high point is the music...EVERY OPENING AND ENDING of inuyasha is incredible notables include Come My Way, Ituzuarna No Kiss, and My Will, and Dearest, i have listened to at least one of these ending at least once a day since 2004 yeah they are that good. Sadly enough ending themes cant save this anime which proved to be a colossal Disappointment.
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    plz learn to use a paragraph, wall of text hurts my eyes :s

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